3 Common Misconceptions About Rummy

Written By: Mohina GuptaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 23-10-2018

What is there in the world that invokes only positive or only negative response from the masses? Probably, nothing. And why is it so? Because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

The entity in question here is the Rummy Card Game. Being relished by people the world over for decades now, it has its share of admirers as also critics. The admirers are generally the aficionados of the skill game; while those who haven’t tried it might tend to criticise it.

Presenting and busting the three typical myths about rummy - a game of intellect:

1. Is It Legal?

As per the guidelines of the Supreme Court of India, playing rummy involves skill, i.e., it is a game of skills and not a game of chance; and as such, it is perfectly legal to play rummy in the country. Barring five states, namely Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana, all other Indian states allow card lovers to exercise their mind and memory at the mind game. Sites of repute, such as RummyPassion.com do not entertain players from these states.

2. Can You Afford to Waste Time?

Who said playing rummy wastes time? In fact, playing a game of Points Rummy takes just a few minutes and refreshes you like nothing else. Getting bored waiting somewhere for somebody? Make the most of your time - go for a quick online rummy session.

You develop cognitive, observation, and decision-making skills if you regularly engage in the game. Not only that, patience, which is a fast-eroding virtue in today’s fast-paced world, can be instilled in oneself by playing the game as it requires players to ponder over the results of their actions before going ahead with them. Only if people entering altercations and scuffles had some patience!

3. Does It Need Big Money?

Rummy Passion allows you to play ‘n’ number of freeroll rummy tournaments by making a one-time deposit of just Rs 100. And not to forget the free practice games - that are played with chips instead of money, thereby not costing you a penny!

What’s more, winning in the freeroll tourneys adds the prize money to your account, but losing does not take away anything from you. Could there be anything better? Another point, you play with real human beings and not robots, so that you can actually win. Besides, you can choose to play with amateurs if you are a beginner!

To Conclude

Until and unless you thoroughly scrutinize anything, you cannot know its truth, for truth is like a hidden treasure - you have to dig it out. Instead of going after the perceived notions, use your own mind and wisdom to discover the reality. You cannot play the simple and yet intriguing Online Rummy Game without exercising your brain!

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