5 Ways to Ace the Rummy Game

Written By: Ruby BhanotPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 14-08-2018

Rummy has always been an exciting game. Its online version will take your delight to the next level. The enthusiasm doubles when a player wins the game, not once but continues with the long winning streak. Has that ever happened with you? Is your percentage of winning more than that of losing? If yes, then you are on the right track! But if not, there is nothing to worry, as we give you the best advice which will help you to turn things around. Whether you are playing on a 2-player table or 6-player table, it’s important to play very efficiently. On each rummy table, there is only one player who wins the game. If you want to hit the winning list every time you play rummy, consider a few things to ace the rummy game. But before proceeding, let’s discuss a few things.

Why you often lose the rummy game?

  • You don’t follow the basic rules of the rummy game Yes, the basics say first to make pure sequence which most players like you neglect and bear consequences later. So, it’s vital to make a pure sequence as, without it, you can’t make a valid declaration.
  • You don’t keep an eye on your opponent’s cards It’s not possible to make out which card your opponent has picked from the deck, but you can keep an eye on what they discard and what they pick from the discarded pile, can’t you? Doing so can help you read their game plan and improve your possibility of winning.
  • You hold on to bad cards Another big mistake several players make is that despite knowing they have bad cards in hand, they continue to play the game for too long and end up losing. If that’s the case with you, stop now. At the time the cards are dealt, you should be smart enough to judge between good and bad cards. In the case of bad cards, the game should be dropped before the first turn.
  • You want to take revenge A mind that is full of ire makes bad choices. Is this the case with you? Have you consistently lost the game to your opponent? Instead of taking revenge, you should either stop playing the game for some time or move to another table.

These are a few mistakes to avoid when playing rummy. Now let’s talk about how you can improve and even ace the rummy game.

5 Ways to Ace the Rummy Game

  1. Basics Counts First: Firstly, sort the cards putting them in order and make a pure sequence. This will help you move your game in the right direction.
  2. Presence of Mind: Secondly, it’s very important to be mentally present in the game. It means you should not overplay the game, and if you think you are not winning, it’s better to take a break.
  3. Don’t be Hasty: Thirdly, make sure you are not quick in discarding your cards. Think for a while and see if you can make efficient use of them later in the game. Doing so doesn’t let your turn go waste.
  4. Efficient use of Joker: Fourthly, it’s crucial to make efficient use of Joker in the game. It should be used when there is the least possibility of forming an impure sequence or set in the game.
  5. Handling Face Cards: Don’t hold on to face cards for very long, as doing so can make you pay a higher penalty.

The Gist

You will find these tips useful.They will favor you more when you start developing a good understanding of the basic rules that are required to play the rummy game. When you learn the art, rummy will become one of the best and the most enjoyable card games. And what else can be the best place to start playing this marvelous game other than Rummy Passion? Haven’t joined India’s Most Loved Rummy Website yet? No worries! It’s never too late. Get started and enjoy the perks that other players are already enjoying. Happy Rummy Games!

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