5 Wonderful Amusement Recipes when You Travel alone by Train

Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 28-02-2018

In the fast paced progressive world of today, many a time it happens that we have to travel alone. However, the very thought of it makes many of us start feeling bored, especially when it is a long journey by train. We tend to make plans about what we would do to kill time as also enjoy our journey. Certain leisure pursuits have evolved over a period of time that come handy in such situations. Others are the gifts of modern technology and have become the preferred choices of lone travelers. They help you to not only get rid of the feelings of loneliness and drudgery, but also make the memory of solitary travel worth cherishing. We are going to present the best five ways to make the most of this time. Here we go…..chook…chook…chook….

Peeping Out

India boasts the fourth largest railway network in the world. And all of us know that the country has varied landforms and offers a huge diversity in just everything. We have trains passing through picturesque hilly terrains, tunnels, fields, desert areas, big cities, tiny but spectacular hamlets, over rivers and other places that have a lot to offer to the curious eyes and digital camera of a traveller. Absorb the scenic beauty and the subtle knowledge that accompanies it. It is so enchanting and enlightening that it might as well propel you to write poetry!


Another amazing way to utilize your journey time is by immersing yourself in your favourite book or magazine or newspaper. You might not be able to spare time for this fulfilling diversion in your hectic routine life. However, travelling alone provides you with an excellent opportunity to have treasure troves of knowledge i.e. books as your companions. Who doesn’t know that reading has multifarious benefits and is indeed a superb pastime? And these days, we also have the option of preloading the books and magazines of our choice on our smart gadgets, and then listen to them. How about having a storyteller to give you company…

Online Rummy

Card games have been a really popular means of amusement among the masses. And with the advancements in technology, online rummy has arrived on the scene and made it possible for card enthusiasts to enjoy the game whenever and wherever they want. Just log on to any rummy portal and dive into the spell weaving world of the game. Rejuvenate yourself with copious doses of superb brain storming entertainment. The adrenaline rush you experience when you play the fantastic game on the vibrant online tables would make you feel that your journey was over in the blink of an eye!

Movies and YouTube

Another boon of the modern technology is that you can easily access YouTube and relish whatever you like – be it your favourite serials, movies or any other videos. Another option is to download your favourite movies on your smart device beforehand and watch them to entertain yourself. We have a plenty of apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, Google play movies and Voot etc. that help us do this. It is a pretty good way for movie and TV buffs to amuse themselves when travelling alone.

Work is Worship

The new techno world that allows you to work from home, also facilitates you in staying connected with your colleagues and workplace even while travelling. Besides, more often than not, it is for work related purposes that one has to travel alone. At such times and otherwise too, it would be a nice idea to catch up with one’s work or prepare the presentations etc. for the upcoming meetings in this time. It would enable you to give a fillip to your work and relax later on.

The Crux of the Matter

Travelling alone by train is no longer boring. We have numerous diversions that can make our journey interesting and memorable. Many of them are blessings of the internet and smart devices. However, we need to keep our gadget charger handy to be able to take advantage of these contemporary pursuits.

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