9 Tips to Better your Indian Rummy Game

Written By: Mohina GuptaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 07-01-2019

Want to excel at Indian Rummy? Here, we present 9 exclusive tips to help you gain an edge over your opponents.

Tip #1: Basics

Be it the Rummy Game or any walk of life, it is essential never to forget the basics. Herein, we mean to say that you must always remember rummy rules as also the goal; and look for ways and means to accomplish it.

Tip #2: Lifeline

A pure sequence is critical. You might get enough jokers to simplify your task or some sets might be nearing formation. It’s good - but it is a pure sequence that deserves the utmost priority. It is the boat on which everything else is going to sail!

Tip #3: Hawk Eye

In this pick-and-discard card game, you must stay as watchful as a hawk so as not to let any move of any rival player go unnoticed. Each picked or dropped card is of prime significance to give you an idea what others have on their mind so that you don’t drop any wrong card.

Tip #4: Royal Cards

Don’t commit the folly of storing the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and number 10 cards - until and unless they are in the form of a pure sequence. In the latter case, they shower their grace, but in other cases, they can be royal enemies bringing about your downfall.

Tip #5: Trump Cards

Jokers can act as trump cards, provided you have a pure sequence in place. Use your joker cards to quickly form an impure run. They can also be used to complete sets. But, one thing that should be avoided is forming a pure sequence using a joker. It would amount to wasting a precious joker.

Tip #6: Hold Your Horses

To play rummy well, you should act patiently. Whatever card you choose to pick or drop, carefully ponder over the consequences of the step. Don’t celebrate if you get good cards; at the same time, don’t instantly lose heart if your hand doesn’t look nice.

Tip #7: Quit

You might have a never-say-die spirit, but sometimes, the cards dealt to you do not favour you. It is quite obvious that howsoever hard you try, winning is not possible. Remember, at such times, it would be advisable to drop and minimize your loss. It can help you save yourself from losing by 80 points.

Tip #8: Practice

Before diving into the ocean of cash rummy, it would be good to make adequate preparation. How? By playing free games or practice games as we call them. They give you an opportunity to hone your skills so that you perform well on cash tables.

Tip #9: Respect

Never think of your opponents as being less capable. Learn from your mistakes as also from the smart moves of others. Value time and plan your moves quickly. Give preference to wisdom and not to emotions. Stay within your limits - take a break if you are on a losing spree.

To Conclude

Indian Rummy is a game of skill. Play it for entertainment - to relax and refresh your senses, and to exercise your mind. Employ the tips mentioned above, think prudently, and act patiently to make the most of this traditional yet trendy means of recreation.

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