Rummy - A Game of Skills & Quick Decisions

Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 08-02-2018

The word ‘game’ arouses in our mind feelings of leisure, enjoyment and entertainment. However, most games have multi-faceted requirements as also benefits, be it outdoor games such as cricket and football or indoor games like chess and rummy, and fun is just one of them. When we talk about rummy, it is a traditional game that has been prevalent in India for a pretty long time now. It has been widely acclaimed as a game of skills and quick decision making. Its tech savvy avatar, the online rummy game, has spiced up the rummy gaming experience of players as the game treads at a fast pace.

You might be wondering what kind of skills are required and what quick decisions players have to make when they indulge in this pastime. For this, we need to know a bit about the game and its rules. Rummy rules are very simple and can be kept in mind very easily. Rummy is a card game in which each player gets 13 cards that have to be formed into valid sequences and/or sets. To exemplify, 2♠, 3♠, 4♠ is a sequence or run and 2♠ , 2, 2♣ is a set. Joker cards that can be used as substitutes for any card, add charm to the game.

A combination formed without the use of joker is considered ‘pure’, while the one made with the help of joker is ‘impure’. Two runs, one of which must be pure, are mandatory. The task is achieved by picking and dropping cards. The player who accomplishes the goal first wins the game. The aim itself is not a hard nut to crack, but to hit the bull’s eye in the minimum number of turns is not all that easy. Herein lies the gist of the matter.

Those who would like to excel at the game should possess a number of key skills such as:

  1. Knowledge of mathematical concepts of permutations, combinations and probability, for the game requires their practical implementation
  2. A calculative approach to constantly speculate how many turns you as also your opponents might require to declare and win
  3. Focus, so that you don’t get distracted from your aim and never become complacent or lose hope
  4. Watchful to keep an eye on the moves of other players to guess where they stand and not inadvertently drop the cards they might need, thereby simplifying their task
  5. Patience to think wisely i.e. pondering over the possible outcomes of your steps before actually going ahead with them
  6. The ability to act fast for you have only a limited time at your disposal
  7. A good memory to keep a track of all the cards - those picked and dropped by others, as also those that might be there in the closed pile

In addition to the above mentioned traits, as one gets a fixed time to plan and decide which card to pick or discard; one has to think quickly or in other words one has to take quick decisions. This is more so in case of the online version of the game, where players get only a few seconds to make their moves.

However, an amazing aspect of the game is that if someone does not possess these skills or is slow when it comes to decisions, that person is able to easily develop these characteristics by playing the game in routine. And no two opinions that these qualities come in handy in our real life too, and help us achieve success.

Playing this marvelous game helps you kill two birds with one stone. You acquire significant skills while entertaining yourself, and that too sans conscious efforts and without even realizing. This is the reason the card game of skills and quick decisions that rummy is, is also made use of by teachers to foster a variety of concepts in their pupils and augment their personality, including the slow learners!

In a Nutshell

It is not without reason that rummy is recognized as a game of skills and fast decisions. It is an easy to understand game that instills many a key skill in its players, with one of them being the crucial ability to decide and act fast. Those who have these attributes are able to succeed not only in the game but also in all walks of life. What a game!

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