How to Win Indian Rummy Games Easily

How to Win 13 Card Indian Rummy Games Easily

Use Joker card carefully Watch cards discarded by your opponents Prioritize pure sequence Calculate and understand probability of getting certain cards Discard cards around the Joker Think before discarding face cards Here we’ll discuss the best Indian Rummy tips and tricks in detail.  Read More

Indian Rummy is About Having a Mathematical Approach

Indian Rummy is About Having a Mathematical Approach

The skill based card game of Indian rummy is the perfect example of how multiple mathematical concepts can work at the same time. Let us take a look at rummy with a mathematical eye. The fundamental calculations and formulas associated with Rummy are from Probability Theory  Read More

Do You Trust Your Rummy Site?

Rummy Website

If you play Rummy games on your mobile or computer but don’t win, you may be feeling demotivated. Indian Rummy is clearly a game of skill and not of chance so winning or losing the game should be directly related to how well or how poorly you play. If you have a good strategy, you should be winning frequently. Read More

Top 10 Winning Tips for Online Rummy

Top 10 Rummy Tips to Win Online Rummy

Online Rummy is a simple card game and if you are good at it, you can win a lot of money and prizes. It takes a lot more than strategy and skills to win, so if you are looking around for some tips and tricks, we have a treasure for you. Here are some of the most effective online Rummy tips that can help you WIN!
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Rummy Tricks You Must Know

Rummy Tricks You Must Know

Play rummy online with rummy tricks and you could win handsome amounts of cash; you could fill your pockets with lakhs of rupees, not just a few thousands. Just like ‘cheat codes’ for the games on X-box or on Playstation, online rummy is the new syllabi for people searching out for big bucks through their card skills. Read More

Online Rummy – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Playing Rummy - 5 Rummy Mistakes to Avoid

Playing Rummy Online can be lots of fun. It’s a great way to de-stress and be rewarded after a tiring day. As a player you can enjoy a more colorful and interactive experience with mobile rummy. You will always find like minded players just like yourself online who derive pleasure from the game. Read More

Joker Can Make You Win Rummy Games

Joker Can Make You Win Rummy Games

Joker cards should be taken seriously by all Indian rummy players as they can make the difference between winning and losing. Most online rummy players love getting jokers or wildcards during the game and use these cards to get an advantage over their opponents. In fact, not using these magical cards Read More

Indian Rummy – Ways to Beat your Opponents

Indian Rummy Games – Ways to Beat your Opponents

Indian Rummy is now popular in its online and mobile avatar. The sheer pleasure which can only be felt by beating our opponent cannot be matched with anything. The joy of winning Indian rummy games is the best feeling in the world and when the prizes are in the form of cash, holiday packages, iPhones or gift vouchers; the fragrance of the win is even more refreshing. Read More

5 Habits of a Good Rummy Player

5 Habits of Good Rummy Players

Indian Rummy is not just a card game. It is a superb parameter to analyze human psychology and behavior. If we look deeper, online Rummy helps us understand our own personality in a more descriptive manner. Rummy players and winners have certain habits. This has come to light as online Rummy became popular in India. Read More