Rummy Leaderboard – Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in December

Top Ten December 2016 Rummy Winners at Rummy Passion

Check out online rummy winners and how much they won in the month of December. 2016 was a year when we followed our passion and stood behind the dreams and values we’ve always believed in. The first phase of our sincere efforts of providing the best online rummy games to the players of India  Read More

Rummy Leaderboard – Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in November

Top Ten Rummy Passion Winners of November 2016

Eleven is the number of prosperity and affluence in our culture. It is also the number associated with the Goddess Laxmi and Narayan. In a country like India, where everything revolves around festivals and celebrations, November is officially known as the month of vacations, celebrations and of course the build up for the New Year.  Read More

October 2016 – Top Ten Rummy Passion Winners

october 2016 winners

October, 2016 has been an impressive month for everyone at the rummy tables, especially the winners. The passion party is the Tomorrowland for the Indian Rummy players on the web. It seems like the sun never sets here and with each passing day, we are getting shinier, brighter and stronger.  Read More

Winners of Deepavali Gold Rush Offer at Rummy Passion

Winners of Deepavali Gold Rush Offer

The Deepavali Gold Rush Offer at Rummy Passion has ended with a loud applause for 10 very lucky winners today. The festival of lights has brought them prosperity in the form of a gold coin. Gold historically signifies wealth, treasure and opulence in the purest form. October has been a month of extreme excitement at Rummy Passion.  Read More

September 2016 – Top Ten Rummy Passion Winners

Top Ten Winners - September 2016

A big round of applause to our September 2016 top ten winners! Online Rummy should soon get its due credit. It has become so popular that it should be declared the national game of India on the Internet. The drama, the action and the taste of winning cooks up a delicious recipe for all of us. Read More

August 2016 – Top Ten Rummy Winners

Rummy Winners

The month of August brought in high hopes and a fresh fragrance of winning at the Rummy tables. Online rummy has become the main course of the entertainment meal and we are happier and more proud of our venture than ever before. Rummy Passion is quickly becoming more and more popular as new players are joining  Read More

July 2016 – Top Ten Jubilant Rummy Passion Winners

Rummy Passion Winners

The magic of RummyPassion is spreading all across the country. Players are enjoying the monsoons and every bit of this traditional Indian game with the spice of technology. It has been a memorable experience for us to be your entertainment partner over the past three months. Read More

June 2016 – Top Ten Rummy Passion Winners

Top Ten June 2016 Rummy Winners

Passion is not just a suffix for us. It has always been a driving force behind our vision and working culture. The dedication and sincere efforts towards making India a rummy nation is on the verge of reality. We offer Deals Rummy, 101 & 201 Pool Rummy and Point Rummy in the easiest and graphically clearest way. Read More

May 2016 – Top Five Rummy Passion Winners

May 2016 Rummy Winners

The fragile and young passion plant has grown into a strong trunk tree. We created an online rummy portal with the idea to be the Best Online Rummy operator and today, we speak proudly about our accomplishments over such a short period of time. We are not practicing self praising vocals here, but just elaborating the truth. Read More