Difference in Playing Points, Deals & Pool Rummy!

Written By: Ruby BhanotPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 06-07-2018

Online Rummy is a digital-savvy avatar of offline rummy which is played using a deck of 52 cards and 1 printed joker. To play rummy, one has to choose from different variations of the game, namely Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Points Rummy. Although the concept of all the three variants of rummy remains the same, what sets them apart is the slight difference in their rules. If you’re a rummy player and haven’t tried any of these game variants, here are the rules that you should know before you get started with the game.

General Rules of Rummy Game

  1. The game of cards is played by rummy players using 13 cards, with each player responsible for organizing all the 13 cards into valid sequences and/or sets. However, the player is required to form a minimum of 2 sequences, out of which 1 has to be pure (without a joker), and the other can be impure/pure.
  2. The sequence is nothing but a consecutive group of cards of the same suit. A player is required to make at least one sequence, without a Joker. The other one can be an impure sequence.
  3. A set on the other side is a cluster of cards of the same rank but different suits. While playing rummy, a player can create a set with 3 or more cards.
  4. Once the valid sequences and sets are formed, a player can click on the ‘Declare’ button to win the game.

Rules of Deals Rummy

Though Deals Rummy is similar to Points Rummy, there are a few things that make Deals Rummy different from Points Rummy:

  1. Deals Rummy is played between 2 to 6 players, and the number of chips along with the number of deals is fixed.
  2. All players sit at a table with equal number of chips.
  3. The player who manages to win all the chips at the end of all the deals becomes the winner of the game.
  4. While playing Deals Rummy, each player is allotted a defined set of chips using which they play with. NOTE: The number of deals is fixed in advance.
  5. Although the game will proceed just like Points Rummy, the only difference will be that the winner will be decided based on score points, i.e., according to players’ chip count.
  6. In case, 2 or more players get the same ranking, there will be a tiebreaker game between those players.

Rules of Points Rummy

Points Rummy is the most popular and highly played variant. One reason is that the game proceeds very fast.

  1. In Points Rummy, for each card, points are defined and carry a fixed amount of value.
  2. Each game has a single deal, and at the end of every deal, a winner is declared. The one with zero points is declared the winner.
  3. While Playing Rummy, one must form one pure sequence (without joker) and the other sequence (with or without joker).
  4. Once a player gets 0 points, s/he declares the show.

Rules for Pool Rummy

Last comes the Pool Rummy that is quite different from the other 2 variants of the game. The goal is ultimately to strive for zero points as the points hold a negative value. When the deal is over, the player who achieves zero points first, is declared the winner. A player who reaches 101 or 201 points, i.e. the maximum points, gets eliminated.

  1. To win the game, a player must form one pure sequence (without joker) and the other sequence (with/without joker).
  2. The remaining cards can be melded into sets of 3 or 4 cards. A player can also form a direct sequence with rest of the cards.
  3. Most importantly, a player who had left the game recently can make a comeback in the game only if no other player has collected more than 79 points.

The Gist

All the three variants of rummy have their own attributes. It all depends upon which variant of the game a player wants to play. For instance, if a player is willing to play a quick game, Points Rummy is the best. While if a player is willing to play rummy with a fixed number of deals, then Deals Rummy will suit them. Lastly, the ones who want to indulge themselves for long hours in the game, should go for Pool Rummy.

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