Don't be Junglee, be Passionate

Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 17-05-2018

War and games are similar for several reasons. Both require a passion and being a junglee works for neither. When our soldiers conducted surgical strikes into enemy territory and killed many an enemy on their home soil, the whole nation showered accolades on them. But when a self-proclaimed brave person indulges in road rage and thrashes somebody, it is loathed. Both the acts involve fighting and bloodshed, but the former is appreciated while the latter is considered unjustifiable. Why is it so?

Just a little introspection and you know the answer. The former has a passion for their motherland and their duties; whatever they do, is very well-planned and done with utmost precision. The latter is a junglee who just goes ahead and does something in the heat of the moment without giving a second thought to the consequences.

The gist of the story is that it is good to be passionate about something, for it leads you to success, but doing something mindlessly and impulsively without thinking twice - amounts to being junglee and can lead to undesirable results.

Wondering why we are talking about it? Whether it is life or the skill game of Online Rummy, you should be passionate about what you do and not a junglee. Rummy Passion is an online rummy gaming platform that has as its foundation - a love for the game coupled with a passion for providing rummy lovers in India with world-class gaming facilities, fairness, and security in an exhilarating environment.

Founded by gaming aficionado, Bobby Garg in 2015, Rummy Passion has witnessed meteoric rise, popularity and success to become India’s most loved rummy site, thanks to the unwavering passion of the founder! That is not all. The site has innovators, artistic designers, developers and managers who have one thing in common – they live gaming, they breathe gaming and they sleep gaming!

Why not be enthusiastic! Have a passion for the card game of online rummy? Instead of logging into just any rummy portal, make a careful survey of the distinguishing features of the site:

  • Is it a brand or just a run of the mill stuff?
  • Does the site take adequate measures to ensure safety and security of the players’ sensitive data?
  • Does the site ensure fairness and keeps unethical players at bay?
  • Is the software of the site tested by a recognized testing agency?
  • What payment gateways are available and are they safe?
  • What kind of variety in games does the portal offer?
  • Are the promotions, bonuses and offers lucrative enough?
  • What is the frequency of promotions?
  • What do genuine reviews of the site by industry experts and experienced players indicate?
  • Is the customer support team of the rummy site friendly and competent enough?
  • Is there a provision for playing the online rummy games on mobile?
  • What is special for the regular players?
  • How does the site help new players to learn the game?
  • What about free Practice Games?
  • Does the site offer free and good quality Rummy Wiki?

Planning and selection done, now is the time to develop and/or test your skills first. Hone your skills by reading online Rummy Blogs, watching tutorial YouTube videos and then playing free games at the practice tables. Then, descend on to the cash rummy tables to fill you coffers all the while having mind-boggling entertainment! Isn’t that what passionate people do – use their mind as well as heart to gallop on the road to success?

In a Nutshell

What does a junglee do? Just go ahead and carry out actions based on his impulses, least bothering about the consequences and repercussions. And what does a passionate person do? Follow his passion with all his might and main, but after careful analysis and scrutiny. He or she never loses focus from his/her aim and is always wise and patient. Such a person reaches the acme of success. So, don’t be junglee, be passionate!

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