Don’t Let a Bad Rummy Hand Scare You

Written By: Mohina GuptaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 29-11-2018

Players often get intimidated if they spot they have no joker cards or absolutely distinct cards so that forming any combinations looks like a distant dream. Has it ever happened to you as well? How do you deal with a bad rummy hand?

The Bright Side

Is getting good cards a guarantee of success? No. It is because Indian Rummy is a skill-based game and even one mistake on the part of a player can prove to be a blunder. On the other hand, some aficionados of the game know exactly how to steer the game in their favour despite a lacklustre hand. Let us open the cards of their secrets.

First and Foremost

Maintain your poise and look for ways to reduce your points. Carefully scrutinize the cards landing in the open pile as also the cards being grabbed from it. The cards worthless for others might prove blessings for you!

Get Rid of Big Cards

It is a crucial step in lowering your point score. Leave go of Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and number 10 cards - if you hold any - at the earliest. Right now, the focus should be on minimizing the loss. At the end of the game, everybody’s points are calculated and the fewer points you have, the smaller would be your loss.

Bluff Your Way

Take cues from the kind of cards your opponents are picking. Take care not to discard any such cards that might be helpful to them. Another idea is to drop small cards to bluff the other players into thinking that you possess excellent cards and are about to declare. They might get influenced and fold their cards. Posing hindrance in the path of your adversaries is also a critical approach to success.


If you drop right at the beginning, you lose by 20 points. Any subsequent drop costs you 40 points. If you have tried the above tricks but are still nowhere near forming a pure run, it would be advisable to drop before any player declares. It will help you bring down your loss to 40 points, instead of 80 points.

The Bottom Line

There’s no need to let your heart sink if you do not get good cards. You can always try to make the most of a bad rummy hand because - be it rummy or life, what matters the most is how you play your cards to overcome hurdles. Every such initiative makes you grill your mind harder and boosts your confidence. Some Rummy experts actually like to accept such challenges to augment their skills. Remember the famous words by Franklin D. Roosevelt - ‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!’

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