How are Rummy Games Helpful in Taking Business Decisions?

Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 05-04-2018

Games and sports are considered leisure pursuits, but participating in any game or sports activity usually serves more than one purpose. The primary aim might be amusement, followed by boosting bonhomie among the masses. However, there are numerous other benefits too, some quite apparent and the others not so apparent. Sports involving physical activity bring numerous health benefits and help the participants stay hale and hearty. On the other hand, mind games such as chess and rummy help to augment our intellectual prowess by making us exercise our mental faculties. One such advantage of playing rummy- the traditional card game of skills, is that it induces such positive changes in your psyche that enable you to take good decisions in your entrepreneurship. This Rummy Blog intends to apprise you of the same.

Rummy is a 2-6 player card melding game, in which each player gets 13 cards. Melds can be sequences or sets of at least three cards. For instance, 4♣, 5♣, 6♣ is a valid sequence or run and 6♣, 6 ♠, 6 is a relevant set. Also, there is a concept of joker cards that spices up the game. The jokers can be used to substitute any card. As per the rules of the game, it is necessary to form a minimum of two runs, and one of them must be pure or formed sans jokers. The player who accomplishes this goal first, wins the game. Now, a worth mentioning fact here is that this seemingly pretty simple task makes you employ certain vital skills that work wonders for your decision-making ability. What are these subtle aspects of the game?

Among the many skills that are required to deftly play the game, the ones that help you take good business decisions are:

  • Acting with patience i.e. you must thoroughly consider the possible outcomes of your steps before implementing them. One learns not to act impulsively, as one wasted turn can have a far-reaching effect. This is particularly significant in business scenario because any decision taken without contemplation could have serious repercussions.
  • Keeping a close watch on the moves of your fellow players is another requirement to play the game well. In real life too, entrepreneurs must decide their course of actions after carefully monitoring that of their business rivals. Just to cite a simple example, product pricing must be competitive. For this, market trends need to be observed.
  • You must be fast in planning and making your moves, especially in case of online rummy. Players get a limited time to carry out their moves. This inculcates in players the ability to quickly analyze all the prospects and act fast even on their business platform.
  • The game also needs you to practically implement mathematical concepts of permutations, combinations and probability to form proper combinations and calculate your prospects of getting the cards you need. This helps the players to develop spatial intelligence, which is again a crucial aspect of business decisions.
  • Besides, you are able to excel at the game if you think of out of the box ideas that others might not have thought of. This quality that you acquire when you often play the game, comes handy in commercial activities as well. Masses always crave for innovative products and advertisements!
  • In order to be a successful rummy player, one must keep in mind and learn from one’s mistakes. Isn’t it a critical requirement in trade arena too!

In a Nutshell

Rummy is a game of skills. When you indulge in the game in routine, you automatically imbibe certain characteristics that prove to be immense value in real life as well. And a number of these traits you assimilate by virtue of the game make you a quick but patient and prudent decision maker. With this invaluable attribute in your kitty, you tend to make intelligent business decisions.

‘Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.’ - Jim Rohn

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