How to Beat Your Rummy Opponent with Rummy Hacks and Cheats

Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 04-01-2018

Who does not want to emerge victorious in their life or for that matter their favorite game? Rummy connoisseurs have a lot of experience and know well how to turn the tide in their favor. They have a pretty good hold over not only Rummy Rules, but also Rummy Tricks. However, novice players need not lose heart. We are going to enlighten all rummy enthusiasts, whether aficionados or newbies, with fantastic Rummy Strategies, complete with various rummy hacks and cheats, i.e. out of the box ways to outsmart your adversaries. These would help you to beat your opponents in the game and merrily sway to the tunes of success.

♠ Lifeline First

By this we mean that you should strive to form a pure sequence first of all. A run of three consecutive cards of the same suit, without the use of joker, is a pure sequence. In the absence of a pure run, whatever impure run or set you form will be of no use. If you don’t have a pure sequence, and your rival declares, you are bound to lose by points equivalent to sum of all the cards in your hand with a maximum of 80 i.e. if your cards total to 67 points then you will lose by 67 points, and if your cards total to more than 80 then you will lose by 80 points only. However, if you have a life savior or a pure sequence, then points of only those cards will be counted that do not form a part of any run or set.

♣ Be Hawk Eyed

Those who keep their ears to the ground succeed not only in life but in the game too. Closely watch the cards being picked and dropped by your rivals to know what sequences or sets they are aiming at. This is essential so that you can inhibit their progress by not dropping the cards that they might require. Also, you should keep calculating what cards could possibly be there in the closed deck and plan accordingly.

Glory with Jokers

Joker cards can help you win a game of online rummy, as they carry zero points and can be used in place of any card to form an impure sequence or set. However, they need the support of one pure sequence, to work their magic. Also, avoid forming a pure sequence using joker cards. That would be sheer wastage of the joker. For instance, if 5♠ is a Joker, it would be a rather bad idea to form a pure sequence as 3♣, 4♣, 5♣. This will waste your joker, which can otherwise be used to complete a run or a set, say J♣, 5, K♣ or K♣, K, 5.

Cards with 10 Points

The most advised strategy in case of high value cards, number 10 cards, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces is to get rid of them. This is desirable if you do not have them in the form of a pure sequence, and no other pure sequence too. However, if you have them in the form of a pure run or another lifeline sequence in place, you can turn your high value cards into an asset, by forming a meld with them. You can even pick such cards dropped by other players or use joker card to form an impure meld with them.

♠ Ingenious Approach

Think of innovative approaches to win the game. The rules of the game will remain the same, but you can definitely think of alternative unbeaten routes to your destination. One example has already been discussed above, that of making clever use of high value cards. As another instance, you can drop the cards close to the joker cards because there would be minimal chances of these being picked by your rivals, for it is not deemed wise to form pure sequences using Jokers. Now, aren’t these wonderful hacks!

♣ Patience

It is a game that requires you to act quickly, but that does not mean that you just act without contemplating the consequences. You must weigh the pros and cons of each and every step of yours and that too in the blink of an eye. Another aspect of patience here is that you do not start celebrating and become complacent, if you think you have got a good hand, or lose heart if your hand looks dismal. Understand that things can go for a tailspin anytime. Stay and act cool to inch closer to success.

Don’t Delay Declaration

As soon as you have successfully melded your cards into appropriate runs and sets, do not delay the declaration. Declare and make a show of your cards right away. Until and unless you do this, how would others know and acknowledge that you have won the game?

Call it a Day

All said and done, if your hand looks really hopeless and it is pretty obvious that you would need a bit too many turns to achieve your goal of melding the cards, it would be prudent of you to drop the game. This is essential to restrict and minimize your loss. If you drop in the very first turn, you lose by 20 points. If you drop out in the second or third turn, you lose by 40 points. This is of course better than losing by 80 points. Accept the facts and act accordingly.

♠ Implementation of Theory

After putting all the rules, tips, tricks, strategies, hacks and cheats of the game in your mind, you might think that you are ready to take the plunge. However, the adage ‘Haste makes waste’, holds true for the game too. The vibrant tables of the game witness the presence of doyens of the game, and if you start playing right away, without proper practice, you might feel jittery and lost. To avoid this scenario, go for free practice games first and fortify your skills. Make yourself perfect with practice. This would no doubt be better than regretting afterwards.

The Crux of the Matter

First and foremost requirement is to form a pure sequence. Once you have it, you can employ the host of hacks and cheats detailed in the given article to pave your way to winning the game. Every game has a set of rules that players must know and adhere to. However, in order to pace ahead of your adversaries in the splendid game of rummy, you must have a thorough knowledge of Rummy Tricks and Rummy Strategies, as also the hacks and cheats. This article attempts to apprise rummy players of the finer nuances of the game. Now that the secrets have been revealed, what you need to do is pore over them and make the best use of them when you descend on the tables. Happy beating your rivals in the game!

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