How to Deal with a Weak Hand in Rummy

Written By: Ruby BhanotPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 17-09-2018

In today’s internet era, people are going crazy about astrology. Its acceptance is spreading in an unfurling way. Most people start their day construing horoscopes to discover words of wisdom and read the advice that can assist them to wind up their day on a good note. They believe that horoscopes do train their mind and help them take the right decisions. It might be true, but there is always another side to a coin. People usually forget that life teaches them lessons in every small thing they do. At the end of the day, it’s these lessons that are worth recalling. One such example to portray is that of Rummy Game that unwinds your daily exertion and at the same time, teaches you important lessons in life. It highlights the fact that every day is different. So, no matter how hard a situation might be, deal with it boldly, rather than escaping. As far as the game is concerned, it’s your skills and unrelenting nature that can help you gain an edge over your Rummy opponent even if you’re dealt a bad hand. So, if you are making your mind to take the game forward even with a weak hand, here is a checklist enlisting some strategies that you can deploy:

✔ Checklist#1:

Swot the Art of Bluffing: Bluffing your opponent and giving them an inkling that you hold a great hand, even when you don’t, can help you turn the game on your side. By consecutively picking up the cards from the open deck, you might trick your opponent and compel them to drop the game.

“There is no specific rule to bluff your opponent, but it can often give you fruitful results.”

✔ Checklist#2:

Outwit You Opponent’s Moves: Analysing your opponent’s moves closely, i.e., in which direction they are trying to proceed, can help you steer ahead of your rivals. To do so, simply see their pattern of drawing and discarding cards and make your move accordingly.

“Bad cards don’t decide your game result, intelligence to outwit your opponent does.”

✔ Checklist#3:

Emphasize on Discarding Low-Value Cards: Remember, while in the game, if you’re consistently picking cards from the open deck, choose to discard low-value cards. It will burn your opponent with curiosity, thus forcing them to commit the mistake of dropping the game or discarding a wrong card.

” The hardest tumble you can do to your rival is to make him fall over his own game.”

Best Bet - Drop the Game

The best strategy, however, is to drop the game if you can’t manage to move ahead with these tricks. But it’s advisable to those who are newbies to Rummy or dealing with cash and consistently losing. For those who like the adrenaline rush, it would be thrilling to implement these strategies and steer ahead with confidence to face the rival player/s with a terrible hand.

The Bottom Line

“With Every Strike, You Will Come Closer to the Next Run.” So, if your heart insists on taking a chance with a bad hand, go ahead and try out these strategies. Success is just a few steps away!

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