Innovative Rummy Tips to Make You a Skilled Player

Written By: PriyaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 07-11-2017

Just anybody can get a gist of and grasp the basic rummy rules and tricks to play Online Rummy. However, in order to outdo the other players, you need to be innovative and think out of the box. Your ideas should go beyond the point where normally, people stop thinking. This is crucial to gain an edge over the others. Here are some ingenious tricks that you can employ to get a lead and ultimately win.

  1. Be a Hawk
  2. Apart from trying to meld your own cards into sequences and or sets, it is of paramount importance to hamper the progress of your rivals. This can be achieved by keeping a close watch on the cards they pick and drop, memorize them as also keep calculating in your mind what all cards might be there in the closed deck so that in no way, you aid them by dropping cards that they might require.

  3. Don’t Take the Joker Lightly
  4. Using the joker card to form an impure sequence is child’s play. Have you ever thought in what other ways it can assist you, especially if it is a wildcard joker! Let us see. If you drop the cards consecutive to the wild card joker, there are negligible chances of them being picked by your adversaries. For instance, if 5 is a wild card joker, it is quite certain that if you discard 6, 7 or 3, 4; other players would avoid picking and making use of these cards to form an impure sequence. So, you can easily let go of them without worrying much.

  5. Don’t be Rigid About Sequences
  6. Exercise flexibility according to the cards that are picked and dropped. Don’t get stuck by waiting for a particular card for long or for that matter retaining a card for too long. Prefer small cards over high value cards to form sequences as well as sets as they provide you with more options. One pure sequence is of course mandatory, but apart from that you can think of and try to form a variety of combinations.

  7. High Value Cards can Also be an Asset
  8. Stunned! Need not be, just read though this exception. Normally, it is advised to get rid of high value cards, i.e. number 10 cards, Jack, Queen, King and Ace each of which holds 10 points, right at the onset of the game. But we can have two other scenarios too. First is that you have two consecutive high value cards and somebody drops another one, just grab it to form a set or a sequence. In the other case, if you spot an opponent picking up such a card, don’t drop such a card lest you should end up helping that player.

The Essence of the Story

In this modern era where everything requires innovative thinking, be innovative with rummy too. Think differently and enjoy beating your opponents in the game of Online Rummy!

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