Khelo Rummy, Jeeto Croro

Written By: Ruby BhanotPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 08-06-2018

Are you a proficient rummy player? Want to use your rummy skills to earn a never-ending cash flow. If yes, then Rummy Passion welcomes you to the world of online rummy where you can play and make money. It is a platform that strives to provide a stringent fair play system and can help you take your gaming skills to new levels and generate an earning of crores from it., the most trusted website of India is beautifully designed and gives a top-notch user experience so that your momentum to play and win never fades away. If you have the passion for rummy, involve yourself with play and earn money. You can always get started with Cash Rummy to make more significant earnings.

Many times, players visit different community platforms and ask questions about online gaming. If you have the same concerns, here’re a few questions to help you get a better understanding of the game. Here you go:

Is it safe to play cash rummy online?

Some of you might be thinking if it is safe to invest your money in cash rummy. The answer is yes. Don’t know about other websites, but yes, Rummy Passion is a secure platform having safe payment gateways that are SSL encrypted to help you make 100% safe online transactions. Security algorithms used on the website scan the game tables 24X7 to help you play safe. So, if you are looking for a reliable gaming platform, Rummy Passion awaits you.

Is it legal to play cash rummy online?

Now, another thought that you might wonder about in your mind is that “Is it legal to play online rummy?” The answer is yes, it’s completely legal to play online cash rummy in India barring the states of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim and Nagaland. This is not just a statement, but the decision has come from the Honorable Supreme Court of India saying that “Rummy is a game of skills.” It doesn’t come under any gambling or betting.

Can you play online rummy 24*7 at Rummy Passion?

Yes, definitely! Online Rummy can be played 24X7 on a robust gaming platform - Rummy Passion. Life has become a roller coaster ride, as everyone is running busy to earn a living and we completely understand the limitations. Hence, Rummy Passion provides a platform where you can play the online rummy game anytime, anywhere and with comfort.

How to play cash rummy?

To know how to play cash rummy is quite simple. Just a few steps and you are good to go. Let’s explain how:

  • Register yourself at Rummy Passion in a few and hassle-free steps.
  • Select from the multiple payment options to deposit any amount in between Rs 100 to Rs 20,000 in your account.
  • Upon registration, you receive a Welcome Bonus on your 1st deposit at Rummy Passion.
  • Once the deposit is made, you indeed become a cash rummy player.
  • Then next comes, how to play cash rummy. Click on cash games, choose a type of cash game, you want to play and there you go. You can start playing by paying for the game.
  • When you win, the amount gets credited to your account. In case, you lose, an amount from your rummy account gets deducted.

Khelo Rummy, Jeeto Croro!

“Khelo Rummy, Jeeto Croro!” It may sound Inconceivable at first, but yes, you can win crores by just playing your favorite game. The game doesn’t require any rocket science to succeed. Instead, rummy skills are what that can help you earn money that you might have not even thought of. Initially, if you are new to the game, then we won’t suggest investing your hard-earned money into it, as the game is all about skills and not hit and trial. So, if not with cash rummy, you can play practice games and improvise your rummy skills, before switching to the cash game. There are so many online rummy videos that can help you learn quickly and master the skills in a better way. What can be the other best way to earn some extra money?

The Gist

If you think you have acquired the required rummy skills to maneuver cards, go ahead and encash your skills with Rummy Passion. Some wonderful avenues are waiting for you ahead, play with sheer dedication and money will flow in your path.

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