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Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 30-04-2018

Google is the buzz word today. Smart devices coupled with the internet advantage have made everything available on our fingertips. Whatever you want to know is just a click away. Why go further? Let us talk about our traditional card game of skills. Yes! it is none other than rummy. Not only has the game landed on the online platform, but the ways to learn it are also there on the net itself. There are a plenty of online rummy blogs that you can read to familiarize yourself with the game. However, for more clarity on the game, go for rummy videos.

Visuals are far more effective than text. When we talk about rummy online, there are interesting YouTube videos covering almost every aspect of the game. There is a nice variety in the Indian rummy game. The same holds true for rummy videos too. These tutorial videos follow a step by step approach to facilitate learning and to boost rummy knowhow of players.

Learn Rummy

As the name suggests, they help you learn the game, its rules and know its different formats. Examples of these videos include:

Video of Basic Rummy Rules for Beginners

Video of “How to Play 13 Card Indian Points Rummy Game”

Video of “How to Play 13 Card Indian Pool Rummy Game”

Video of “How to Play 13 Card Indian Deals Rummy Game”

Playing the Game

It is understood that if you want to play rummy, you would join some rummy portal. This category includes a fabulous variety of videos that apprise you of different sites, how to register with them and play free rummy games, etc. Here is what you can get to know from our YouTube channel:

  • ‘How to Join Rummy Passion’
  • ‘Play Mobile Rummy Games for Free’
  • ‘Get up to Rs 10000Bonus in First Week of Joining…’
  • ‘5 Reasons to Play Classic Rummy Games…’ and so on.

Winners and Testimonials

As must be obvious from the heading, these videos enlighten you about what noted personalities have to say about particular sites and who have made it big at those sites and such information. To exemplify, we have:

  • ‘What Nagarajan M Says About…’
  • ‘Feel the Excitement at… Amy Jackson’
  • ‘Indian Rummy Winners of Deepavali Gold Rush…’, etc.

The Gist

Rummy is an interesting card game that everybody loves to play. Of lately, people of all ages have been catching a fancy for the game of rummy online, thanks to its high entertainment quotient. Instead of asking anybody for help, you can easily learn the game with the help of rummy videos. Watch the simple and informative YouTube rummy tutorial videos and descend on the vibrant rummy tables!

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