Learn 13 Card Points Rummy in an Elaborate Tutorial

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In the modern digitally connected world, there are umpteen ways to gain knowledge about just everything. Similarly, there are numerous ways to Learn Rummy, with informative online tutorials and YouTube videos considered to be the best. They apprise you of Rummy Rules as also the ways to play it online. Visuals are generally regarded to be more effective than printed matter. However, both of them complement each other, if you watch the video after going through this article or vice versa, it will make the things all the more clearer to you and playing the game of online rummy would seem to be a cakewalk.

We are going to begin at the very beginning. To keep it simple, here we discuss the game for 2 players.

❖Sit Here

As you enter the game setup, you are pleased to see a vibrant table with seats for the players. The game begins when you take a seat by clicking the ‘Sit Here’ button.


At this, the ‘BUY-IN’ Window appears. You get 20 seconds as the ‘buy-in’ time and for this duration, the seat is reserved for you. The ‘BUY-IN’ Window apprises you of a number of things such as the table name, the minimum and maximum amount per point, your account balance, and the game type. It also asks you the amount you would like to bring to the table. You fill in the amount and click ‘OK’ to play.

❖Wait for Other Player(s)

Now you wait for the other player i.e. player 2 to join. It is a matter of only a few seconds. As your opponent joins, the game begins soon. Note that it is not a compulsion that both the players should play for the same amount. For example, you choose 500, while player 2 chooses 800.

❖Card Dealing

There is a ‘Toss’. Let us assume that player 2 wins the toss since s/he has the higher card, and as such will play first. 13 Cards are dealt to each of the two players. On the screen, you can see your own cards, the ‘FINISH’ slot, the ‘CLOSED DECK’ and the ‘OPEN DECK’, along with the ‘Joker Card’. Players take cards from the ‘CLOSED DECK’ and discard cards to the ‘OPEN DECK’. When a player successfully forms the melds, s/he is supposed to finish and declare at the ‘FINISH’ button.


Suppose, 6 turns out to be the ‘Wild Card Joker’. So, all cards with number 6 will be treated as ‘Wild Card Jokers’. And of course, there are 2 printed Jokers too. You can use a Joker as a substitute for any card. Jokers make the game easy and add a charm to it. However, you can get Jokers only from the closed pile and not the ones discarded by other player(s).

❖Drop Button

You can also see ‘SORT’ and ‘DROP’ buttons right beside you. The latter button helps you to drop the game, meaning you do not want to continue with the game. Have a careful look at your hand. If you feel that your cards are not good enough and it might be pretty difficult for you to win the game, you can click the ‘DROP’ button. In this scenario of first drop i.e. dropping before your first turn, you will lose by just 20 points, as against 40 in case of second or third drop or 80 which is the maximum value by which a player can lose.

❖Sort & Group

The cards can be selected, clicked and dragged to arrange them the way you want. ‘SORT’ button helps you to group the cards in suit order- Spades, Clubs, Hearts and then Diamonds. Cards can be grouped into sequences by selecting them and clicking ‘GROUP’.

❖The Journey

As player2 has won the toss, s/he takes the first turn to pick and drop a card. On your turn, you can pick a card from the ‘OPEN’ or ‘CLOSED’ deck, as per your requirement. You pick the card from the ‘OPEN’ deck and form a run or set by selecting and clicking ‘GROUP’. Next, you click the card you want to discard. At this, you get two buttons above it: ‘DISCARD’ and ‘FINISH’. You click the former and the card lands in the ‘OPEN DECK’.

The game continues this way, when you and player2 pick and drop cards on your respective turns. While playing, you must keep all the rules, tips, tricks, strategies, hacks and cheats of the game in mind so as to succeed. As the game progresses, you continue with your quest to form valid sequences and sets.

After you have successfully formed three runs, with at least one of them being pure, you notice that you need just one more suitable card to succeed. On your next turn, you get a joker. Hurrah! What could have been better! Now you group your cards and then click the card you want to discard. This time, you should click the ‘FINISH’ button, instead of clicking the ‘DISCARD’ button.

❖Finish & Declare

The ‘Finish’ window appears to confirm if you actually want to declare. It has a question, “Are you sure you want to finish?” and two buttons ‘OK’ and ‘CANCEL’. When you click the ‘OK’ button, a message pops up saying, ‘Please group your cards into sequences/sets and click on the declare button.’ Now you confirm your grouping by arranging your runs and/or sets in the proper order viz. A, K, Q, J, 10; 8, 9, 10; 7♣, 8♣, 9♣, 10♣, 6♠ (6 is a wild card joker) and click on ‘DECLARE’ which appears in place of ‘DROP’ button, right beside ‘SORT’ button.

You need to confirm once again as the ‘Declare’ window now appears with ‘Are you sure you want to declare?’ and ‘OK’ and ‘CANCEL’ buttons. Click ‘OK’ and the same window comes up with a congratulatory message for you. It also asks you to wait to allow the other player(s) to make a declaration.

❖Win Screen

Now you can see the ‘Win Screen’ showing the amount you won, scores of players and their cards. How do you like that!

To summarize

It is always a good idea to thoroughly know a thing before actually going for it. Similarly, prior to playing online rummy, you must know Rummy Rules, the tips and tricks needed to excel in the game as also how to play the game on an online platform. The article presented here aims at helping you Learn Rummy in an easy way and equipping you with the knowledge of playing the online version of the game. Online rummy is sheer fun!

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