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Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 14-05-2018

Rummy is a fantastic game of cards that comes loaded with mind-storming entertainment. Most people can easily learn rummy and then play it to refresh their mind and senses. The game is pretty simple and has only a few rules. If we always keep the fundamentals in mind, we can excel at anything. In this online Rummy Blog, we are going to discuss the key aspects of the game. The aim is to pave the way for beginners to becoming experts at the skill-based game of cards.

A Quick Glance at Rummy Rules

  • A standard deck of cards with one printed joker is used.
  • Each card has specific points as shown in the table below. Points carry negative value and you have to reduce them – not collect them.
    Card(s) Points
    Number cards (2 -10) Same as their face value
    Face cards (Jack, Queen & King) 10
    Ace 10
    Joker 0
  • Each player gets 13 cards to be melded into valid sequences and/or sets. The one who does it first, scores zero points and is the winner.
  • Players draw and discard cards to achieve the goal.
  • 2 sequences or runs are mandatory, one of which must be pure, i.e., formed without the use of joker(s).
  • One card is randomly turned up to be used as a wild card joker – if 6 turns out to be the wild card joker, all number 6 cards are treated as jokers.
  • A finished hand could like something like this – 7, 8, 9, 10… 3♣, 4♣, 6… J♠, J♣, J…5, 5♠, 6♣. The first combination is a pure run, the second is an impure run, the third is a pure set and the last is an impure set.

♣ The Challenge

To meld your cards before your opponent(s) or we can say meld your cards in the fewest possible number of turns. This is actually what distinguishes a beginner from a pro!

The rules are easy to grasp but how many turns you take in melding your hand is the deciding factor.

Tips to Play Like a Pro

  • A pure run is absolutely important. Without it, all other combinations would prove futile and you could end up losing by the maximum points (80).
  • Try to get rid of the high value cards in the beginning itself. However, you can retain them if they are in the form of a pure sequence.
  • Avoid forming a pure run or pure set using a joker. It can be used in a better way to form impure runs or sets.
  • Keep a close eye on the cards picked and discarded by your rival(s) to guess where they stand.
  • Stay focused on your aim. Act patiently to decide which card to pick or drop after carefully analysing the possible outcomes of your move.
  • Discarding cards close to joker can be a good idea, as players do not prefer to form combinations with these cards.
  • If you can foresee that it would not possible for you to meld your hand in a few turns, it is better to drop the game to minimize your loss.

♠ Hone Your Skills

Step #1

There is a facility of playing free practice games at almost all rummy sites. Make the most of it to test and hone your Rummy Skills.

Step #2

Participate in freeroll tournaments for which there is no entry fee. You just need to register with a site by paying a meagre amount of Rs 100. If you win, the prize money gets credited to your account, but if you lose in the tourney, you lose nothing. What could be better!

Step #3

Make your foray into cash rummy games and play like a pro!

In a Nutshell

Indian Rummy is an enthralling game of cards which is based on your skills. Here we have attempted to apprise you of the tricks that you can deploy for your smooth transition from being a newbie player to a rummy aficionado. For more information, you can read blogs on our website to know each and every aspect of the amazing skill-game in detail. So, learn, practice, and uplift your status from a beginner to a pro!

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