Mistakes to Avoid while playing Rummy!

Written By: Mohina GuptaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 23-07-2018

Whether it is a novice rummy player or a connoisseur of the game, everyone can make mistakes. Rummy is a game of skills that requires the players to have several traits. Just a slight ignorance, over-confidence or impulsive behaviour can cause lapses on the part of players and make them lose the game. It is more so in case of Online Rummy, for the web version treads very fast. Let us know what all mistakes you should try to be careful about.

Don’t Rush - Acclimatization is Necessary

Be it any pursuit, an arduous and risky expedition to climb the Mt. Everest or the simple rummy game of cards, you must prepare adequately and follow a step-by-step approach. For playing rummy, the first step is to equip yourself with the Rules, Tips, and Tricks of the game.

Reading informative Blogs and watching tutorial YouTube Videos can serve this purpose very well. Then, you should proceed to the Free Practice Tables of the game, followed by Freeroll Tournaments, and finally Cash Rummy Games. Here also, it would be preferable to begin with low-stake tables, before graduating to high stake ones.

Recklessness - A Strict No-No

Right from the starting of the game, you should be cautious. Organize your cards properly as soon as you get them and make smart strategies to achieve your goal. Think with a cool head, and keep altering your game plan according to the changing scenario. Be as vigilant as a hawk to get clues from the cards picked and dropped by the other player(s).

Be particularly careful when you declare lest you should end up losing by 80 points. Sort and arrange all your combinations - runs and/or sets, make sure they are fine, and then declare. To play the skill game of Indian Rummy well, it is important to be calm, composed, patient, and wise.

Don’t Forget - A Drowning Person Clutches to a Straw

What is the straw in this fascinating game of cards? Yes, it is the pure run! Aspire for a pure sequence first of all. It will safeguard you against losing with 80 points. If any player declares, and you have a pure run, your loss will be counted on the basis of unmatched cards in your hand.

Dump them or Retain them - Play Smart

Yes, we are talking about high value cards. What are high value cards? Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces and number 10 cards - each of which carries 10 points, fall in this category. As a general Rummy Strategy, you should discard them right at the beginning of the game and not commit the folly of preserving them. However, at times, they might be in the form of a pure run. Well, now they are an asset!

A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted!

Some days might be exceptionally good for you when you are on a winning spree. But, some days might turn out to be not so good and you lose game after game. Don’t take it as a challenge to persist anyhow. Stop playing and investing more money into playing, give yourself a break, and return to the tables with a fresh mind. You need a relaxed mind to deftly solve Mathematics problems. Ditto for rummy. After all, the game involves several number concepts.

It also means that if you analyse your cards and can make out that accomplishing the aim would take too many turns, it would be better to drop the game.

The Essence

The proverb ‘A good beginning makes a good end’ applies to every task that we undertake or intend to undertake in life. It pertains to the enchanting game of Indian Rummy too. Take care of the aforementioned points to excel at the game and Make Money Online alongside mega entertainment!

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