Prime Reasons for the Spread of Digital Rummy in India

Written By: Ruby BhanotPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 20-08-2020

Be it any festival or a social gathering, rummy is known to intensify the mood and excitement in the environment. What Led to the Change? Well, Digitization and Adaptability became the key factors that were responsible for the drift of the demographic and the gaming pattern. Focusing on the social lifestyle of people, the change was bound to happen, say experts. Though the roots of the game remain the same, the anticipation tends to two fold the enthusiasm of players.

A Riveting Journey of Rummy from Offline to Online

To keep this traditional format of the game handily available to players, India’s Most Loved Rummy Site - Rummy Passion introduced a digital form of the hand-held card game to get them going in a few clicks. Today, the market of Online Rummy is brimming at a steady pace, and a significant percentage of that pertains to an age-range 18 to 45. Also, the reasonably priced Smartphones and affordable internet plans have penetrated the market of Online Rummy. This massive shift directs to a bright future and the tremendous growth in the realm of the digital era. Let’s now dive into the reasons that pushed Indian Rummy to occupy the digital counterpart.

  • Stands Most Successful in the Gaming Niche

The rising popularity of Online Rummy has led to the decline of other games that were once trending. Year by year, the digital format is witnessing substantial growth. With platforms like Rummy Passion offering a secure ecosystem, players no longer hesitate to enjoy the real-life experience, right from their Smartphone. Not only they flock to the site for fun, but also to clutch significant rewards. What’s not changed is the purpose for which rummy was developed, i.e., to entertain players with the same level of excitement.

  • The Legality Holds the Key to Admiration

    Earlier, the skill game was misunderstood in the form of gambling. Those who misinterpreted the game were the ones who were either freshers or hardly knew the In-and-Outs of the game. However, the Supreme Court of India completely broke the social taboo by declaring rummy as a game of skill. This was one reason why individuals of the country accepted online version of the game with an open embrace.

  • Digital Transactions Steps In

India abides by the law when it comes to online real money games. Ever since the time, the Indian government launched the campaign “Digital India”, Rummy Passion set the trend, making online transactions readily available to players. With easy to deposit and withdrawal options, players can carry transactions in a click from their Smartphone. Online rummy operators even believe that with the launch of the campaign, digital payments are likely to surge in millions in the coming future.

  • Other Interlinked Factors - The love for Indian Rummy can never fade away. Whether it’s Offline Rummy or its counterpart, no one can stop rummy lovers from holding their passion. Being one of the highest-grossing games of the country, numerous interlinked factors are responsible for the tremendous growth of the game. Be it the availability of Free and Cash games, Smartphone, exciting features or quick withdrawals, the number of rummy formats - Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Tournaments, Responsible Gaming, etc., tend to surge players’ love for Online Rummy.

Join the Online Rummy Bandwagon Today at Rummy Passion

Just like the Offline Rummy, the online version also gives the threshold of excitement and unlimited fun to players. Thanks to this digital era that has opened doors for millions of players to live their passion for rummy. If you are amongst those avid players who are keen to join the Online gaming bandwagon, hop onto the Rummy Passion tables now and have blasting sessions of rummy .

Passion Se Khel!

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