Rules for playing Rummy Game

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A game is a form of competitive activity or sport played according to rules. Rummy is a game and a game of skills at that. As such, it has certain rules that players must adhere to. Rummy Rules are a few in number. Besides, they are pretty easy to understand and remember.

Players and Decks

  • Rummy is a card melding game for 2 to 6 players.
  • In case of 2 players, one standard deck of 52 cards with one printed joker is used. For more than 2 players, the game employs two decks with two printed jokers.

Card Melding

  • Each player gets 13 cards at the beginning of the game.
  • You have to meld these cards into valid combinations, which can be sequences and/or sets
  • A sequence or run is a collection of a minimum of 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. To exemplify, 5, 6, 7 is a relevant run.This is also called a pure sequence.
  • A set is a collection of at least 3 cards with the same number but different suits.5, 5♣, 5 is an example of a valid set.
  • The remaining cards are kept in a closed pile.
  • You must form at least two runs, and one of them must be pure.
  • By a pure combination, we mean the one formed without the use of joker card(s).


  • The game makes use of joker cards that make the game simpler and more interesting.
  • One card is randomly turned up and placed under the closed pile. This is treated as a ‘wild card joker’.
  • For instance, if 3♣ is a wild card joker, then all number 3 cards will be treated as jokers for that game.
  • In case, the wild card joker turns out to be the printed joker, all Ace cards are used as wild card jokers.
  • A Joker can be used as a substitute for any card. Combinations formed hence, are deemed as impure. 5, 3♠, 7 is an example of an impure run.
  • A player can also use a joker card to meld sets of cards.
  • You can get a joker card only from the closed deck.
  • If a player discards a joker card to the open pile, rummy rules prohibit other players to pick it.

The Journey

  • Players pick and drop cards to accomplish the task.
  • Upon your respective turn, you can pick a card from the open or closed deck; but you must discard cards only to the open deck.
  • What makes this simple game challenging and brain storming is the fact that you must strive to meld your cards in the minimum possible number of turns.

Point System

  • Each card carries a specific number of points.
  • While number cards have a point value same as the number on them; Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards hold 10 points each.
  • Points carry negative value and the aim is to reduce points.
  • The player who successfully melds all his/her cards into valid runs and/or setsfirst of all gets zero points and wins the game.
  • When a player declares, points of the other player(s) are calculated on the basis of cards they hold.
  • If the losing player has a pure run, points of only the un-melded cards are counted.
  • In the absence of a pure run, points of all the cards are added.
  • A player can lose by a maximum of 80 points.

Drop Option

  • In case, you feel that your hand is not good enough and you might not be able to meld the cards in a few turns, you can drop the game to restrict your loss.
  • First drop costs a player a mere 20 points.
  • Second, third and other subsequent drops cost 40 points.
  • Drop option cannot be exercised in 2 player deals rummy game.


Rummy is a highly entertaining card game. Rummy Rules are a few in number and just anybody can easily gain a hold over them, play the amazing game and enjoy to their heart’s content!

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