Rummy Needs More Patience than Aggressive Gaming

Written By: Mohina GuptaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 26-12-2018

Patience is considered to be the greatest of all virtues, but what does it have to do with Rummy? When you play any outdoor game, you need to exude high athletic energy coupled with game-relevant aggression and some patience. However, when it comes to mind games such as chess, rummy, sudoku, or crosswords, you need patience coupled with intellect.

Aggressive Gaming

Aggression in the game of Indian Rummy would mean that you keep playing game after game in quick succession, without bothering where you are heading. It’s true that playing online rummy develops a quick-thinking ability in players, so that they are able to plan and exercise their moves in a jiffy; but alongside, we always say that patience is the name of the game.

Winning Spree

It might turn out that on some days, your aggressive gaming skills help you set out on a winning spree. You continue to win every game you play. It gives you an impression that aggressive gaming is the key to success in rummy. But, if you pause for a moment and introspect, what do you discover? You realize that a combo of patience and quick-wit has been working in the background. You have been strategically implementing all rummy hacks with ingenuity, never taking a single step without contemplating its consequences. The crux is that patience is all pervasive.

The Downside

A game is, after all, a game. Sometimes, you might end up losing a few games. Such is the effect of it on human psyche that it might cloud your wisdom. You tend to indulge in playing rummy games with feelings of revenge, anger, and frustration. You seem determined not to stop playing unless you turn the tide in your favour. This emotional outburst pushes patience to the back seat and grabs the steering wheel of your mind.

Behind the Scenes

You give a go-by to the basics as also strategies of the game, and stop pondering over the results of your steps before going ahead with them. You play for the heck of it. To you, it seems that you are tremendously focused, while in reality, your focus has got totally distorted. Patience has evaporated from the mind. The end result? Your losing streak persists, and with each game you lose, you become more aggressive and less reasonable. The recommended approach here, would be to take a break, relax, calm down, notice your follies, and reach a state of equilibrium - to bring back the indispensable patience!

Patience is the Ultimate Virtue

Aggressive gaming is by no means beneficial. Behind every successful man, there’s a woman. Behind every Rummy Game you win, there’s patience. Maintain your cool and remember - patience is the name of the game!

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