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Winners of Deepavali Gold Rush Offer at Rummy Passion

The Deepavali Gold Rush Offer at Rummy Passion has ended with a loud applause for 10 very lucky winners today. The festival of lights has brought them prosperity in the form of a gold coin. Gold historically signifies wealth, treasure and opulence in the purest form. October has been a month of extreme excitement at Rummy Passion.

How to Play 13 Card Indian Points Rummy Game?

The points rummy game moves very fast and that is the reason this is the most popular variant of Indian Rummy. In the 13 card Points Rummy, points are defined for each card and these carry a fixed rupee value. The winner is declared at the end of each deal. The winning player gets the least points at end of the game. Watch this Video Tutorial to learn how to play Points Rummy Online, your favourite 13 card Indian rummy game.

How to Play 13 Card Indian Deals Rummy Game?

All players at a table play each hand with the same number of chips and the number of deals is also fixed. The player who wins all the chips at the end of each deal is the winner of that deal. At the end of the fixed deals, the player with highest number of chips is the winner. Deals Rummy on Rummy Passion can be played between 2 to 6 players. Watch this Video Tutorial to learn how to play Deals Rummy Online, your favourite 13 card Indian rummy game.

How to Play 13 Card Indian Pool Rummy Game?

Pool Rummy is a variation of 13 card Indian online rummy. To sit on a pool rummy table, each player has to pay a fixed entry fee. All players at a table combine or ‘pool in’ money as they take their seats at a table to play a game The goal is to accumulate zero points as points carry negative value. When the deal or game is over, the player with zero points is the winner. Watch this Video Tutorial to learn how to play Pool Rummy Online.

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When Your Friend Teaches You Rummy

That Feeling when your friend teaches you rummy, Not knowing that you are a PRO in it.

That Feeling When You Get a Joker

That Feeling you want to tell the whole world when you get a Joker from closed DECK in rummy game.

When You play Rummy Game For The First Time

That Feeling when you learn rummy game from your friend and love playing for the FIRST time.