Simple Strategies that Work for all Rummy Players

Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 20-04-2018

Rummy is a simple, interesting and entertaining card game of skills. It has a predefined set of rules that you must follow. Apart from rummy rules, there are certain simple Rummy Strategies that can help you play the game well. Here we present them for your easy reference.

Pure Run is Supreme

A pure sequence is like a lifeline in the game of rummy. Without a pure sequence, all other runs or sets that you form would not be of any advantage. They would just raise your point value. If you have a pure run and your opponent declares, points of only those cards will be counted that are not a part of any valid combination. However, if you have formed some combinations but the pure sequence is absent, points of all the cards you hold will add up to escalate your loss. Hence, a pure run is of utmost significance.

Keen Observation

In the game of cricket, a batsman keeps an eye on the positioning of all the fielders to calculate in which direction he should hit the ball. Likewise, in the rummy game, you must closely observe the cards being drawn and discarded by your rival player(s). Use this information to make out which cards they might require and take care not to discard such cards. It is all a matter of number of turns that you take to meld your cards that decides whether you win or lose.

High Value Cards

The generally advised rummy strategy is that you should get rid of Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards right in the beginning of the game. All these cards, along with number 10 cards, carry 10 points each. However, an exception is when you have these cards in the form of a pure run, say J, Q, K. In this case, you can very well hold them as they are fulfilling the purpose of a pure run and are an asset. Another exception is when you have two big cards. In this case, you can try melding them into a combination using other such cards discarded by your fellow players. To exemplify, you have J♣ and K♣; somebody discards Q♣ - grab it to form a sequence J♣, Q♣, K♣.

Joker Cards

These cards are of particular importance as they can be used to replace any card to from an impure run. Forming pure runs with the help of jokers is not recommended. For the same reason, it is generally good to discard the cards close to jokers. Their chances of getting picked by other payers are bleak. You should make clever use of jokers to simplify your task.

Act Patiently

Plan and make your moves with a calm state of mind. Play the game to enjoy yourself. Think wisely and then act. Keep changing your playing strategy as the game unfolds. It is a game of skills that can be played best when you make optimum use of your mind. Also, learn from your mistakes to master the art.

How to Practice

Free practice games are available at Rummy Passion. You can play various rummy games with free practice chips. You can test your strategies on the practice tables. This helps you to hone your rummy playing skills and make it big in cash rummy games.

Exercising Drop Option

In certain scenarios, it is better to drop. This generally happens when you carefully analyse your hand and realize that you would need a lot of turns to meld the cards. In such cases, dropping is the advised strategy to minimize your loss. First drop means losing by just 20 points, while subsequent drops restrict the loss to 40 points. It is better than losing by 80 points, which is the highest value.

The Conclusion

Rummy is a game of skills. Besides knowing the rules of the game, you must also know its strategies. Implementing the above-mentioned rummy strategies can help you to play the interesting game of cards with expertise and manoeuvre ahead of your adversaries. Fun becomes manifold when you win!

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