Tips to Become a Successful Online Rummy Gamer

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All of us aspire to be successful in whatever we do, whether it is our work or relationships or for that matter, games. When we talk about games, most people indulge in them for entertainment purpose. However, some aficionados of the game also make it their profession. Playing online games has been evolving as a new age hobby as also a means of earning money. And, online rummy is one of them. No matter whether you play it for relaxation and amusement or opt for it as a career, you would like to master it and achieve success in it. Here we present the tips to play rummy with élan.

Rules on Fingertips

This is the first and foremost requirement. You must properly understand and memorize the rules of the game. Rummy is an easy game with a limited number of rules. They must always be there in your mind. And along with them, you must also know Rummy Tricks and strategies to outwit your opponents. It is not a difficult job, for there is abundance of learning material on the net. You can watch interesting YouTube videos and read informative online blogs. What you are reading right now, is also a blog that aims at widening your scope and paving your way to become a par excellence rummy player!

Practice for Free

After gaining a sound hold over the theoretical aspects of the game, play at the free practice tables first. Don’t jump straight away into the arena of rummy cash games, because there is a great difference between knowing and doing. Cash tables witness the presence of doyens of rummy, which might make you feel jittery if you have not practiced enough. So, it is advisable to hone your rummy playing skills at the practice tables of rummy sites. Tread at a slow but steady pace to emerge successful.


It is a key aspect of not only life but also the Game of Rummy. You must carefully observe the moves of your adversaries. Try to make out where they stand from the cards they pick and drop, and accordingly plan your steps. This is because besides speeding up your progress, you must also try to obstruct that of your rival players.

Quick and Patient

Online Rummy has revolutionized the traditional card game. The online version moves at a very fast pace. Players get a very short time to contemplate and carry out their moves. This has made the game more fun, but it also means that you have to think fast and act fast. However, it is of paramount significance that you speculate the pros and cons of your steps beforehand, so that you do not end up regretting later on. So, you need to be swift and composed at the same time.

Learning Curve

‘To err is human.’ Despite being careful, mistakes might occur on your part. Remember those lapses and take lessons from them, so as to avoid their repetition. We trip, we fall, we get up, we learn, we try again and we move on…that is how the journey of life proceeds. Learn from your mistakes and be more careful next time.

Be Innovative

You must be familiar with the tried and tested rummy strategies, but it would be great if you could think of novel ideas to manoeuvre the game in your favour. That is the difference between an ordinary person and distinguished players. The latter dare to dream and believe in ingenuity. Take a different route to destination ‘Success’. You can always gallop on the road less travelled!

Drop Out

We always strive for victory but at times, circumstances demand that we focus more on minimizing our loss. Yes, sometimes it becomes essential to exercise the ‘drop’ option. When you can spot that it would take too many turns to meld your cards, it is better to drop the game. First drop costs you a mere 20 points, while second and third drop give you 40 points. However, the silver lining here is that it is better than losing by 80 points.

The Gist

In order to excel in the game of online rummy, you must have a thorough knowledge of rummy rules, rummy strategies as well as rummy hacks and cheats. Apart from this, if you abide by the above mentioned tips, it would definitely pave your way to become a successful rummy player.

‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.’ - Colin Powell

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