Tricks to Bluff Opponents in Rummy Game

Written By: Ruby BhanotPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 25-06-2018

Rummy is a strategy-based game. To win, it's imperative to conceptualize your rummy skills to outshine your opponent. Moreover, showing persistence and practicing the game can prove to be beneficial to win the game.

But who said, you can’t bluff in Rummy Game? Of course, skills play an imperious role in helping you win big in the rummy game, but a little bluff can help you accomplish your goals.

So, to assume, bluffing take place only in games like poker, Teen Pati would be wrong, as in Online Rummy, bluffing is also possible. It’s even easier to bluff your opponent in the rummy game, as players are often not acquainted with each other’s playing behavior.

We have penned down certain bluffing tricks to help you win big when you Play Rummy online. Here you go:

  1. Acquire the Cards you Need: Expert rummy players always know how to fetch the right card from their rummy opponents. So, you can do the same. For instance, if you are in need for a King of hearts or diamonds to create a set despite having King of spades and clubs, you can always shed a Queen of diamonds, as it will make your opponent discard a King of hearts or Diamonds, assuming that you won’t create any sequence with it. This way, you can pick that particular card and complete your set of Kings. Isn’t that simple? Try out, as it will help.
  2. Observe your Opponents’ Card Moves: Another good way to bluff your opponent is to observe how they are playing their Rummy Game. See if they are consistently picking cards from the open or closed deck. If you find them picking the cards from the open deck, it indicates that your opponent is struggling with the cards. Use this opportunity and pick up the cards from the Open Deck. Attempt for 4-5 times to make the player think that you are about to win the game. You never know they might drop or play the wrong cards.
  3. Discard the Lower Value Cards: Though the Game of Rummy says to discards high-value cards first but if that is not working in your case, you can bluff your opponent by creating a false impression, i.e. by discarding lower value cards. Most expert rummy players use this strategy to bluff their adversaries. However, that only comes with more and more practice. The more you play, the more you are likely to win.

The Gist

Aren’t these bluffing tricks amazing? Now you have seen how by using canny rummy strategies, you can fool your opponent. However, don’t essentially make it a habit of bluffing your opponent every single time you play the game. Instead, use these tricks when you have a bad hand of cards. Also, it is advisable to try these tricks on the practice tables first, before deciding to play Cash Rummy. Once you master the art of tricking your opponent, use it to play on cash tables and win big. Why not get started from now on? Join Rummy Passion and Play to Win!

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