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The advancements in science and technology have brought the traditional rummy card game to the online platform. The interesting game of skills has undergone a complete makeover and is now known as online rummy. There are several rummy websites that provide card lovers with the facility of playing the online game. Due to such abundance of web rummy portals, sometimes players find it difficult to decide which site they should register with. Here are the key features that you should check before making up your mind.

Safety and Security

This is the most significant feature of a site that proves its reliability. When you register with a rummy website, it asks you for your personal details such as name, date of birth, address, mobile number, PAN card information and banking details. This is mandatory under the KYC norms of the Indian government. Apart from this, those who play cash rummy games also make monetary transactions with the site. As such, security is must.

Look for seals of testing of the gaming software being used by the site. Worthy sites get their software tested by internationally acclaimed agencies. They also display their seals of testing on their homepage so that you can easily locate them.Good software ensures fairplay and rules out manipulation on the part of the site.

For safety of your sensitive personal and banking data, a reliable site would use the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. This eliminates chances of fraud by hackers, phishers and other cyber criminals.

Payment Options

Genuine sites provide multiple payment options to their players. They acceptall major credit and debit cards, Net Banking, Wire Transfer, paytm, payUmoney, Airtel Money and Rupay Card, etc.and take all due care to make fund transfer convenient for the players. Payment gateways are absolutely secure- the same way as they are on e-commerce platforms. Withdrawals are hassle free so that players do not have to wait to get their due.

Variety of Games

It is said that variety is the spice of life. You should have the provision of playing different versions of rummy online. These include Points, Deals and Pool Rummy games. Freeroll and cash tournaments must also be there for rummy lovers. Tournaments are of particular interest to those who play web rummy with cash.


Prefer a site which offers lucrative promotions in routinesuch as a generous Welcome Bonus, special festival offers as well as site special promotions.These bountiful offers add substantial amount to your account andallow you to play more, enjoy more and win more.

Customer Support

Make sure thatthe site has a friendly and professional customer support service. You get an insight into the dependability of the site when your queries are answered and feedback is valued. Customer services should be available via email, live chat as well as phone. There are certain sites that have a multilingual customer support system.

Patrons are Special

When you shop at big stores, you get points for shopping. After collecting a certain number of points, you can get them redeemed. Similarly, regular players of the site deserve special treatment. There are sites that automatically enrol you in their special clubs when you register with them. As you continue playing at the site, your points keep rising. You can get these points redeemed to claim cashback in your account!

Free Practice Games

Some players prefer to test the waters by playing free practice rummy games first. Good sites fulfil this desire of their players.They have free rummy games on the same lines as cash rummy games. You get practice chips in your account to play these games. You can hone your rummy playing skills with their help.

Another feature to aid new players is the availability of informative tutorials and YouTube videos at the site. This facility coupled with practice games makes the site a one-stop shop in itself and you do not need to go anywhere else to learn the game.


The gaming interface should be easy to understand and navigate, so that even new players can easily get to know everything. It should also be attractive, because we play a game primarily to entertain ourselves. A vibrant presentation of the game would appeal more to our senses and enable us to enjoy more.


You should have the freedom of playing the game on various smart gadgets. Some players feel more comfortable playing the game on their computers as the screen is big and devoid of disturbance. Others preferto enjoy mobile rummy because it allows the freedom to pay the game anywhere and at anytime.


In this age of internet, we have online reviews for almost everything. These reviews are given by consumers and industry experts. They give a fair idea of the quality of a product or service. Similarly, to gauge the credibility of a rummy portal, go through its reviews.

Final Word

Wondering which Rummy Website offers all these merits to its players? Needless to say, only that site would boast so many facilities which treats its players as its valuable assets and strives for player satisfaction as its hallmark. The other hallmarks could be bringing a safe, secure and exhilarating international standard gaming experience to card game lovers in India.

Rummy Passion is one such site that has all the aforementioned qualities as its benchmarks - software tested by widely recognized I-Tech Labs, awesome promotions, radiant and lively interface, superb variety of games, loyalty tiers, customer support in six languages and what not!

Log in to Rummy Passion and try the game once, you would fall in love with rummy online!

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