How to Accommodate Time for Rummy in Your Busy Schedule?

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 28-11-2019

In today’s highly competitive world, we are so busy managing the hustle-bustle of our lives, that we are not able to spare some time for recreation. It is not only stressing us out but is also making us dull and boring. On the other hand, there are quite a few people who are extremely good at time management. They not only manage their day-to-day life well but also take out time for personal improvement by either watching relevant videos or playing skill based games like rummy. If you too, wish to improve your skills and make the best use of your time, rummy is the perfect game for you. Not only will it help improve your time management skills, but it will also help improve other skills in a fun way. Here’s how to accommodate time for rummy during your busy schedule.

During Daily Commute

For most folks, traveling to and from the office takes away a lot of time. Smart people utilize this time in a way that suits them best, like making calls, reading a book, watching videos, etc. But, if you don’t wish to do any of these, you can quickly start playing rummy on your mobile. When you know your office commute time is long, you can spend it productively by playing rummy rather than simply sitting idle.

Why only play when you are commuting to and from work? You can also play a quick game when you are visiting your local grocery store. Rummy offers a great solution when you are walking behind extremely slow people on a busy street. It takes off your mind from the surroundings, and being engaged in the game is a good way to maintain calm while moving through crowded areas.

During Office Breaks

Why waste your precious break-time for gossips? Instead, you can utilize this free time to build up your skills, and win some money too. Yes, you read that right. When you play the Cash Games at Rummy Passion, you have the chance to win amazing cash bonuses when you outbeat your rivals. You can also participate in various promotions to increase your winnings. It’s a great way to de-stress while building up your skills and at the same time winning some extra bucks too.

While You Wait

Whether it is the long queues, an official meeting, or a casual meet-up with a friend, waiting for someone is always a tedious task. It generally spoils the mood and diminishes the enthusiasm. It’s even more annoying when the wait is for long. When stuck in such a situation, simply take out your phone and start playing the online rummy game. A smart player would definitely utilize the long wait to the best of his/her advantage. It’s a great time to develop your skills while having some fun, and you know what the best part is? Your mood doesn’t get spoiled. So, the next time you get in a long billing queue or are waiting for somebody to turn up, don’t forget to log in to your rummy account and win some additional cash simply by playing and winning the game.

When There’s A Power Cut

Power cuts are a common occurrence nowadays, that often lead to hampering everyone’s work schedule and breaking concentration. And if you are totally dependant on artificial lighting for work, you are completely stuck. Rather than taking out your frustration on the generator or the electricity department, why not play a game of rummy? Not only will you spend this idle time productively, but playing the game will also provide your brain a respite from daily stress.

When You Are Feeling Stressed or Lonely

Whenever you are feeling a bit overstressed, you can hop on to the vibrant rummy tables and start playing online rummy. It will not only help deviate your attention from the problem at hand but also lift your mood. After playing a couple of rummy games when you get back to work, you can think about your problems with a fresh perspective, possibly coming to a good solution. Even when you are feeling lonely, rummy can prove to be a good friend since the game can be played anytime, anywhere, and the adrenaline rush you experience while playing against a skilled opponent is a great solution re-energize your mind and improve concentration.

Playing with Friends

Rummy is a game that is a good reminder of those childhood days where having an extended playtime with friends was what you wanted. However, today’s picture might be different for you due to a busy schedule. If you miss playing the game with your friends and loved ones, and want to reconnect again, you can always plan and invite them over for a get-together. Here you can organize a rummy competition amongst all of you. Login to your Rummy Passion Account, and ask your friends to do the same to start playing the game with different opponents. After an hour (or whatever time you decide on), whoever has won the most games will be declared the ultimate winner. When you play rummy with real cards, you know each of your friend’s moves and strategies, and similarly, they know yours. But, when you play online with unknown opponents, the competition will be equal amongst all.


Online rummy is one of the best skill-based games that you can easily access and play at your convenience. With the above tips, you can swiftly accommodate the game in your busy work schedule and become one of those smart people who work to get smarter. New to the world of online rummy? No Worries! The game is tremendously easy to learn and play. Get on the vibrant rummy tables now, and we assure you that you’ll have real fun while playing the game.

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