How to Deal with Downswings in Online Rummy?

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 29-06-2021

Our life is like a ship set out to sail in the unknown seas, where you’d rarely know what’s up ahead. That’s why it is always wise to be prepared, be it for navigating through the calm seas or facing various life challenges. After all, these challenges are what build resilience and confidence, often resulting in seamless satisfaction when we overcome them. The same rule applies to online rummy games too.

Playing online rummy is not like a bed of roses where you’ll always win. There are situations where a loss is inevitable, especially when you are a beginner. The one factor that distinguishes rummy pros from novices is their attitude when facing challenges in the game. Where the former evaluates their gameplay on facing losses and takes steps to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated, the latter simply gives up. If you wish to become a rummy pro, it is crucial to address both ups and downs in online rummy with a positive mindset and take the necessary steps to improve your game while ensuring responsible play. We are sharing some valuable tips here to help you navigate through a challenging phase while playing online rummy games.

The Practice Tables

Continuously being defeated by opponents in online rummy usually points to your lack of practice in the game. You should straightaway head to the practice tables to brush up your skills and moves in the game in such instances. The practice tables will allow you to clearly evaluate your strategies while helping you polish your rummy skills. Once you are confident of your gameplay and begin getting longer winning streaks in the free games, you can rejoin the cash tables and tournaments to grab the fantastic rewards.

Setting Limits

The adage “excess of everything is bad” applies in rummy too. Sometimes, spending too much time on the game can make you anxious, resulting in poor decision-making. The same might happen when you exceed your budget on the cash tables. The best way out would be to curb your daily and monthly deposits through the deposit-limit feature. It’ll allow you to avoid overspends in terms of both time and money, allowing you to think about your decisions thoroughly and pay due attention to other aspects of your life as well.

Skill Improvement

A players’ skills play an integral part in deciding the course of their game. If you are continually facing challenges at the online rummy tables, it’s time to reassess your skills. Try switching between the different game variants to find out which one suits you the best and what all skills you’ll require to work upon. Remember, winning a game of rummy requires expertise in a lot of skills, and you need to look for ways to refine all these through various means both on and off the game tables.

Changing Tactics

Your constantly declining streak in rummy can also be due to monotony, especially if you prefer to play just one game variant. Variety is an essential spice of life, and to become more proficient in the game, you must keep switching between Points, Deals and Pool Rummy games regularly. You can also try sitting at a different table every time and switch between low and high-value tables to find out what best works for you. Even if you are confident of your expertise in one or two rummy variants, try playing the other variants to learn the latest rummy strategies and tricks to outwit your opponents.

Take a Break

If none of the above tips seems to be working out, it is wise to take a break from the game. Through Rummy Passion’s self-exclusion feature, you can block access to your account either temporarily or permanently, allowing you much-needed space to reevaluate your gaming habits. Taking even a month off the tables will help you better analyse yourself and will enable you to follow a more strategic approach while playing the game.

Summing Up

More than skills or Rummy Strategies, it is your attitude that essentially defines the course of your game. So whenever you find yourself in a puddle the next time, follow the tried and tested tips shared here to navigate your way out of it and carve your path towards big wins. Play responsibly to gain the utmost benefit from online rummy games.

Passion Se Khel!

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