How to Improve Your Mental Toughness & Become a Rummy Pro?

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 03-01-2020

Do you know what distinguishes Rummy Pros from regular players? It is the hold they have over their emotions. In real life too, these players exhibit rare qualities, often setting an example for others around them. Some consider them as lucky, but in reality, these players are the ones who practised hard to reach the top. Hard Work and Persistence are the primary keys to become a rummy champion. But other than these two qualities, you should also exhibit emotional restraint and improve your mental toughness on the tables. After all, it is one skill that has helped make Rummy Players in Gujarat a pro in the game. Read on to find out how:

Self-Belief: A Key to Improved Confidence

Believing yourself is of the utmost importance when you are playing the game. The adage “self-doubt is the worst enemy to creativity” holds quite true when playing online rummy too. If you are skilled at the game, you should have faith in your decision-making power. Lack of confidence has been rated as the top reason for losing in rummy. New players are advised that instead of panicking when faced with a tough opponent, relax, and make moves based on your instincts. Most of the time, your instincts can guide you much better than your brain. And once you have developed the right skills, think about each move thoroughly before making the final decision. If you believe in yourself, there is no stopping you from winning a rummy game.

Keep a Hold on Anxiety

Getting stressed is natural, especially when you are competing against a player more experienced than you. Overstressing leads to anxiety, which is not good for you. Instead, you should find out ways to curb stress. Calm yourself by repeating encouraging words, or play just for the fun of it. Experts say that when you overstress yourself about a particular goal, there’s a less chance of achieving that. The right strategy is to polish your skills towards achieving that goal and not get disheartened if it takes a bit more time than others. You are a real winner only if success is achieved without inflicting self-harm.

Patience and Control are Important

Patience and self-control are essential when you play rummy. Deciding the next move without giving it a second thought is the biggest mistake you can make on a rummy table. And so must practice patience while making your moves. Now the question is, how to practice patience when there is a set time for each move? The answer - Plan your game in advance, just after the cards have been distributed. With practice, you’ll learn to analyse your starting hand better, that can help make planned decisions.

Keeping control over your emotions is important too. If things are not going as you had planned, instead of getting frustrated, think of a Plan ‘B’ quickly. Expert rummy players are good at manipulating their opponent’s hesitation and emotions. So controlling your instincts is essential if you want to get a winning streak.

Gracefully Accepting Losses

Losing is as important as winning in any game. Otherwise, you won’t be able to spot your weak points and improve those particular skills. Just like you can’t realise the real value of light without darkness, you can’t truly appreciate your achievements without defeats. The main point here is that you must accept a loss in rummy gracefully, and instead of chasing it, focus on where you had gone wrong. Deeply analysing the game will give you better insights on where you lack, and you can then practice working on that particular skill.

Focussing on Your Goals

The most received advice on being successful in life is to focus on your goals. But not many people know the exact technique to help remain focussed. In a game of online rummy, developing focus is much easier as there are very few distractions around us. The only way to get diverted is due to external disturbances, such as someone calling you suddenly, your attention is diverted to something else, or if a lot of things are running on your mind. Developing your focus is vital if you want to master the game. A player with low focus tends to make poor decisions while playing. So, take a deep breath, and ensure your total focus is on the game only. And if you know that there’s a chance you might be disturbed, instead of playing on high-value tables, play on the lower tables.

To Summarise

Gaining mental strength requires a strong will and regular practice. It is not something one can achieve overnight. Except for the rare-born geniuses, it takes years to master the skill of playing rummy. Recognising your skills and incompetencies is an excellent way to start building mental toughness. Having a strong desire to win the game and being able to overcome your fears is a unique way to strengthen your brain. With that being said, we’ll advise you to start practising at the lower tables first whenever building a new skill, and move upwards only when you are confident.

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