Is Online Rummy Really A Brain Booster?

Written By: MohinaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 14-03-2018

All of us who know about chess also know that it is a brain game and as such a tonic for the mental faculties. This is one example but there are many other games too that bolster the mind and memory, and online rummy is one of them. The answer would sound incomplete until we explain the logic behind this assertion. So, let us see what this game is all about and how it strengthens mental prowess of the players.

Rummy is a traditional and hugely popular card game of skills. Yes, `game of skills´ - this is the reason why the game is good for development of the mind. When we talk about online rummy, it is an upgraded version of the age old card game and a great brain vitalizer. It is a 2 to 6 player card melding game, wherein each player gets 13 cards. By melding, we mean forming valid combinations of at least 3 cards. Combinations can be sequences and/or sets. To exemplify, 4♠, 5♠, 6♠ is a sequence or run, and 5♠, 5, 5 is a set. We also have Joker cards that pep up the game; they can be used as replacement for any card. It is done by picking and discarding cards. In order to win, there must be at least two runs, with one of them being pure i.e. formed without the use of Jokers. The one who accomplishes the task first or we can say in the minimum number of turns, is the winner.

The goal is pretty simple, but to achieve it in a few turns is mind boggling. A number of vital skills are essential to dexterously play the game. For instance, you should:

  • Know the number concepts of permutations, combinations and probability. It is because runs and sets are formed by making practical usage of these principles. Also, you need to make constant calculations using probability to speculate your chances of getting the desired cards. It involves intensive use of the brain, because everybody knows that Mathematics drills it.
  • Have a good analytical ability and memory to observe and remember the cards picked and dropped by your adversaries, so that you do not discard the cards that might help them. As a matter of fact, with every turn, yours as well as that of your fellow players, the old data in the memory has to be shuffled and updated. That means continuous exercise of memory.
  • Be a quick decision maker. Decisions have to be fast, but at the same time, must be made after carefully visualizing their pros and cons in your mind. The game of online rummy gives you only a few seconds to contemplate and make your moves.
  • Remember your mistakes and learn from them. This again needs memorizing ability.

It is a widely known fact that when we make frequent and vigorous use of a particular body part, it automatically gets exercised and thereby, strengthened. That is the reason body of an athlete is different from that of a body builder. The game of rummy makes the players rack their brains hard; that must be pretty evident from what we have discussed above. That is why this amazing game is indeed a brain booster!

The Gist

Online rummy is the tech-savvy offspring of the traditional card game of skills. Rummy itself is a great brain energizer, then what to talk of its fast paced modern avatar? It makes you strain your mind and memory and as such, makes it robust. A splendid brain game!

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