New to Rummy - See How to Get Started

Written By: Mohina GuptaPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 04-09-2018

Have heard from friends that online rummy is great fun? Want to experience it for yourself? Wondering how to get started? Relax, getting started is as simple as the game itself!

1. Know the Game by Reading

For this, you can read rummy blogs that are available in plenty on the net. You can find articles and blogs on just each and every aspect of the game such as rummy rules, tips and tricks, strategies, how to choose a reliable rummy website for playing, etc. To understand rummy terms better, go through rummy wiki.

2. Go for the Visuals

YouTube is an exciting medium that makes sense to all and sundry. If people can turn to YouTube videos for learning how to cook, you can definitely learn the game of online rummy by watching videos on the subject. Gain an insight into the game with rummy tutorial videos.

3. Choose a Credible Rummy Site

As mentioned above, you can gain abundant information about selecting a worthy rummy site by reading related blogs. However, here’re some points that you must consider:

  • Fair, safe and secure games
  • Software tested by reputed international agencies
  • Responsible gaming
  • Multiple payment options
  • Hassle free withdrawals
  • Appealing interface
  • Variety in games
  • Availability of free practice games
  • Lucrative promotions and offers

4. Registration

Registration at rummy sites for playing the game, is generally free. If you register at a worthy site such as, you would need to provide certain documents and information such as a valid photo-id proof, a registered mobile number, address proof, and email-id, etc., because good sites follow the KYC norms set up by the government. This exercise also helps to keep fraudulent players at bay. You must not reveal your user-id and password that you get on registration to anybody.

5. Play Practice Games First

After going through the above steps, you might feel like jumping into the pool of cash rummy games right away. Have some patience - play on practice tables first to check your knowledge and hone your rummy playing skills. This act, which does not cost you even a penny, will boost your confidence and help you get ready for cash games.

6. Freeroll Tourneys

Make a deposit of a mere Rs 100, and you are free to participate in any number of freeroll tournaments. These rummy competitions being free, witness a heavy presence of players from all over the nation. As such, you get a tough competition from other players, which further augments your skills. A great feature of these tourneys is that winning enriches your account, but losing doesn’t deplete it in any way!

7. Cash Rummy Games

Now, you have reached the stage when you’re ready to play cash games. Always check the site to avail yourself of the ongoing promotions. These will add some extra cash to your account and enable you to play more and win more. Who knows you might become so proficient at the game that playing it can become an exciting way for you to earn money online!

In a Nutshell

A step-by-step approach is always good. It helps you gain a sound hold over the field in an enjoyable manner. You must have observed from the procedure mentioned above that getting started with rummy online is as easy as ABC. Rummy is a simple game that gives you wonderful bouts of entertainment anywhere and at any time!

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