The Right Way To Play Rummy Decoded In Three Ways!

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 08-06-2021

Online rummy has been gaining mass popularity over the past two decades, primarily because it offers players unmatched excitement and thrill. Today, anyone who loves playing cards, and wishes to hone their cognitive and analytical skills, is found avidly competing at the vibrant game tables. The rules are quite easy to grasp, but the real test is how one utilises what they’ve learnt and how they apply it to their game. Many beginners often complain of not winning enough, despite knowing the rules and common strategies by heart. What they don’t realise, though, is that they are not playing the game with the correct approach. To assist these players, here we have compiled a list of the top three ways to play online rummy the right way and take a step ahead towards the big wins.

Juggle Between Different Rummy Variants

Online Rummy offers players a choice of three variants, i.e., Points, Pool and Deals Rummy. Although it’s an individual’s discretion which variant he/she prefers to play but to become a pro and take the maximum advantage of online rummy, one must dedicate time for all three variants. Indulging in one particular variant will cause monotony and deprive the player of an opportunity to learn some new strategies. Rummy pros often suggest to beginners that to master the 13-card game, honing the requisite skills for these different rummy variations is a must. It improves their skill in the game and trains the brain to think differently according to the situation – a skill most required to beat tough competition.

Competition Is Part of Growth

The popular belief, “You don’t know your worth until someone outrightly challenges you,” holds for rummy too. Good competition always urges a person to do better, by improving their skills, with the promise of a satisfactory reward for the winners. We are always striving to get ahead of our peers in everyday life, competing for even the most mundane tasks. Likewise, in online rummy, players can compete against each other by joining rummy tournaments or participating in the leaderboards. Both offer a fair yet tough competition to the players, with the assurance of handsome cash rewards for the top performers. Apart from the competition, players can also learn some new rummy tricks through observation or further enhance their skills in the game by participating in tourneys, thus stepping up towards their goal of becoming a rummy pro.

Responsible Gaming

The enjoyment and charm don’t last long if you play recklessly, be it online rummy or any other game. The most righteous way to play rummy online and win big is by following responsible gaming practices. It means that the player is well aware of their personal obligations and financial circumstances while playing at the online rummy tables and plays only in accordance with what’s best for him or her. To help players follow the right approach towards online gaming, Rummy Passion educates all players about playing responsibly. The app also provides players with the option for setting deposit limits if a player finds it difficult to manage finances independently. Apart from this, players can also fill out a self-assessment form or opt for self-inclusion if they feel there’s a need to refine their gaming behaviour. Playing rummy indeed helps enhance essential life skills, but this is possible only when the player ensures that his gaming preferences do not negatively impact other aspects of his life.

In a Nutshell

Playing Indian rummy online is all about how you apply your strategy and skills at the game tables. Learning the rules is the easiest part, but following the right approach, even under stressful circumstances, is vital to winning big. Now that you know what’s suitable for your game, why not begin practising what you’ve just learnt? And make sure to book a slot in that upcoming tournament to know where you stand and which of your skills need more work. Remember, the more you practice and play, the higher your tier level, leading to special promotions and bigger rewards. So, don on your rummy hat, get to the tables to outwit your opponents with all you’ve got.

Passion Se Khel!

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