The Ultimate Checklist for Rummy Tournaments!

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 29-07-2020

Rummy is a highly entertaining yet challenging game, meant for players who love putting their skills to test time and time again. Apart from the everyday cash rummy games, online rummy sites also organize several tournaments for the highly competitive spirits. ‘Tourneys’ as they are popularly known as are a medium for players to prove their mettle to like-minded opponents and grab the opportunity to win big. Not only are these more challenging in terms of skill level, but also test a players’ patience when they compete with different types of opponents. Participating and winning a rummy tournament is a significant accomplishment for many, yet for others, it seems like an impossible feat. But the key to winning one lies in how well you choose from the long list of rummy tourneys. But you need not worry! Here is a checklist that will help to quickly sort out the Best Tournament For You where the right application of your skills can help grab a grand win.

Tournament Type

The first thing to note is the type of tourneys available at the site. Rummy Passion hosts many Freeroll as well as cash tournaments, and it is entirely up to the players whichever they want to join. All tourneys run as per the rules of Deals Rummy Game, and consist of several rounds before the final winner is declared. You can either choose to join a freeroll tourney and compete against a huge number of players, or select any of the cash tournaments to play against fewer, yet highly competitive players.

Number of Participants

Depending on how frequently a rummy tourney is hosted, and what is the final cash reward, the number of contestants can range from 30 to 7500. A higher number of participants entails that the tournament will take much longer to complete, but the reward for winners is definitely a huge one. It would be best if you decide beforehand whether you can play & compete continuously over a long duration, or would instead participate in short tournaments with few players.

Prize Pool

Rummy tourneys without a doubt are much more thrill-inducing than the everyday Cash Rummy Games. But in the end, everyone wants to compete for exciting and highly rewarding cash prizes. Before selecting a tourney, you need to look at the total prize pool amount and determine how much you will get if you belong to the group of victorious players.

Buy-In Amount

The Buy-in amount is the most critical factor you need to consider before registering for a rummy tournament. Every player needs to pay a pre-decided entry free to grab a seat unless the tourney is free to join. It is better to check whether your account holds sufficient balance before you join and whether your bankroll can easily support the fee amount. If not, you can always join some other tournament with lower entry fees, accumulate enough bonus in your rummy account and then participate in a highly rewarding tourney.

Day and Time of Tourney

Before joining, it is vital to consider the day and time when the tourney will be held. You must check your schedule to check whether you will be able to play without any disturbances. Otherwise, you need to free up your time well in advance before the tourney begins so that you can enjoy with complete focus and aim for the win. Don’t forget to register well-in-advance, so that if any urgent task comes up, you can easily manage it before the contest begins.

The Last Word

Skill, strategies and complete dedication are the three essential elements required for winning a rummy tourney. You can easily register to participate for a very nominal fee and with your rummy expertise, get through the different stages of the tournament and win big rewards. Tournaments offer players unparalleled adrenaline rush, and even if you somehow don’t win the tourney, you get a lot of valuable experience and Rummy Tricks That Can Significantly Improve Your Rummy Game. Your choice in a rummy tourney is a major deciding factor for your victory or loss. So, think through every aspect mentioned above carefully, and make a well-calculated decision before joining a tournament. Remember to practice beforehand thoroughly and sharpen your skills and rummy strategies to bag a win.

Happy Rummy Tourneys!

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