Time Management - A Must to Ace in Online Rummy

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 26-08-2020

They say time is money, and this adage is true when it comes to rummy too. Time is of vital importance when playing the 13-card game, whether online or offline. Where in the offline version, you can play at your own sweet pace, depending on who you are playing with. But when it comes to online rummy, accurate timing is what segregates regular winners from the occasional ones. Strategic timing plays a substantial role in the way you plan and play your moves, discard cards, choose a game table, or book a tournament slot. It is, in fact, a major deciding factor when it comes to winning a game. Here’s a glimpse into how this 4-letter word can make or break your rummy game.

When Selecting the Game Table

Professional rummy players don’t just take a seat at any random table. Various aspects need to be considered while choosing a table, time being of the highest importance. As a player, you need to carefully analyse how much time you have and compare it with the general duration of the variant you wish to enjoy playing. Suppose, you plan on playing a single deal over a long duration, then choose a 6-player Pool Rummy table. For shorter games, Points Rummy is the perfect choice. You need to be quick, energetic and proactive while sorting through multiple options before getting yourself a seat on the tables.

Reserving A Seat for Tournaments

Every rummy player knows that tournaments need a considerate amount of skill and dedication to win, not to forget they run much longer in comparison to a simple cash rummy game. If you wish to participate in one, your skills should be at their best, which require immense practice and proper time dedication. You need to perfectly coordinate the timing of your tournament with that of your work schedule too. There’s no point in booking a tournament slot when you have other priorities or are constantly distracted. You also need to be exceptionally punctual and patient while playing, so as not to lose the game.

Timing the Perfect Move

In online rummy, each player gets a fixed timer of 30 seconds for each move, with an additional buffer of another 30 seconds that last throughout the game. In this duration, you must plan and play your cards accurately. During the game, you also need to observe and analyse the opponent(s), interpret their game strategies and accordingly plan for counter moves. All this needs to be done within seconds when the opponent is playing their turn.

Grabbing Offers

Many offers and promotional bonuses are organised for players at Rummy Passion, and you must be quick and vigilant to make the most of these. Keep an eye on the bell icon, and take note of all the app notifications, lest you miss out on a special offer. If you already know that a particular promotion will run for a definite period, then it’s better to free your schedule beforehand and Play Cash Rummy during that time to get maximum benefits. Here the time skill required is active planning and scheduling.

Time Management During the Game

When beginning the game, you may feel compelled to play your turn immediately. But rather than doing that, it is better to first introspect and analyse your cards by arranging them in alternate suit colours. Relaxing and thinking for a short while before playing the first couple of turns will help make a better assessment of the game. The trick is to remain patient and not yielding to game pressure. Looking for possible melds while doing the starting hand analysis will prove to be highly beneficial for your game. Try to use fewer moves to complete all your melds and quickly declare to surprise your opponents.

Effective Time-Management – The Key to Winning in Rummy

Time is way more valuable than any other rummy skill you have. If you learn to manage your timing while playing online rummy, half the battle is already won. Each and every move has the potential of making or breaking your game, so you need to plan well, perfectly time your moves, make the right choices and grab that win. Apart from honing other rummy skills, you should also improve on the aspects of time management mentioned above, to become a pro. After all, it’s not enough to just practice and play, you must act on time as well!

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