Why Is Ace Considered As An Important Card In Rummy?

Written By: Akshita SoodPublished In: Rummy Strategies Date: 20-11-2020

The Ace Card, in most games, is known as a high-value card, whereas in others it can be ranked amongst both the low and high-value cards depending upon different situations. The card holds both a sweet and sour taste for rummy players, where it can either make winning easier or cost the player to lose points, depending on their game strategy. Whatever the situation may be, the Ace card sure holds an important spot in the Indian rummy game, right after the Joker Card.

Rummy lovers are always plagued with the question of whether to discard the ace card or not. The answer lies completely in their game strategy according to the cards that they hold. For newbies, the card might be the first to be discarded, but for those who know better, it can be another means to complete the melds quickly. Here’s how the Ace card can be a crucial benefactor to your rummy game.

The Only Card With Dual Value

A big reason why the Ace card holds as much importance as the joker is that it is the only card that can form 3 types of combinations in the Indian Rummy Game. An Ace cards’ value varies depending upon its’ use changing from fourteen (since it is higher than the King), to one when combined with low-value cards. Its’ interesting to know that a single card can be combined both with low and high-value cards. It means that if you’ve got two Aces, you need not wait for a third one to form a set or waste your moves in discarding them. Instead, you can combine one of these with a King and Queen to form a sequence, and another with two and three to form another valid pure sequence. Just make sure that the suits match!

Can Ace Be Traded For A Wild Card Joker?

The answer is Yes! A Wild Card Joker is selected by picking up a random card from the closed deck after dealing 13 cards to all the players. In case the card picked here is a printed Joker itself, all Aces are treated as the Wildcard for that particular deal. When the Ace doubles up a Joker, players get much more possibilities of forming a meld. You can now use it to form a sequence with both high and low-value cards, make a set, or combine with other cards as a joker to complete a valid meld (set/impure sequence).

The possibility of getting 3 Ace cards when it is a wildcard is extremely rare, but if you do get them all, do not hesitate to bank on this opportunity instantly. It will be better than retaining these precious cards for use as a joker only.

Probability of Getting an Ace Card

The probability of getting an Ace card in rummy is 4/53 (since total cards are 53 including the printed joker) in any rummy game, whether you are playing with a single deck or double. Getting an Ace means you’ve got an opportunity to meld that 2 & 3 into a valid sequence instead for waiting for a four or Joker card or combining it with a King and queen for a valid meld while saving precious moves. Although, you should be a bit careful, as Ace is still a high-value card unless used in combination with low-value cards, and can cost you big points if left idle.

In a Nutshell

Each card in a game of rummy is important, but the Ace holds special value for players how to use the card to its best advantage. Now that you know how the card can make a significant difference in how you play, why not begin practicing the different strategies associated with this unique card. Get to the vibrant tables at India’s Most Loved Rummy App now, and learn how to win your next rummy game with this unique card.

Passion Se Khel!

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