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Written By: Ruby BhanotPublished In: Rummy Passion Date: 06-07-2020

One Step at a Time is All it Takes to Get You There” - Emily Dickinson.

It’s true! The secret of success in any aspect of life is to go with the flow and take small steps to reach a defined path. The same goes for Online Rummy! Though the primary objective of the game is to form the right Sequences and/or Sets, a player must start by sorting out unarranged cards in hand.

 What are Unarranged/Unsorted Cards?

In Online Rummy, unmatched cards or unarranged cards are dealt to each player as soon as the game starts. Each player has to hit the ‘Sort’ button to arrange the unordered cards in the possible Sets and Sequences. For further clarification of unsorted/unarranged cards, refer to the image below:

Unsorted Cards

What are Sorted Cards?

As said, when players are seated on the table, they are dealt cards which they need to first arrange in order to move ahead in the game. This arrangement of cards is called Sorting. It has to be done at the beginning of the game, as then, it will help in converting possible Sequence/s and Sets into a valid declaration. Also, it gives players an edge over their rival players and takes them closer to triumph. Refer to the image below to see how sorted cards look after a player hits the ‘Sort’ button.

Sorted Cards

Prelude to Sorting of Cards in Hand!

To begin with, a player must understand the meaning of Sequences and Sets. Without further ado, let’s understand their meaning:

1. Sequence - Also known as a Run in Indian Rummy means grouping or arranging of cards of the same suit. This grouping can be with or without the use of the Joker Card. Now, there are two types of Sequence - Pure Sequence and Impure Sequence.

  • Pure Sequence: It’s a grouping of consecutive cards of the same suit, without the use of the Joker.

  • Impure Sequence: It’s an arrangement of cards of the same suit, with the help of a Joker Card.

2 3 4

Pure Sequence formed Using Three Cards with No Joker or Wild Card

3 4 5 6

Pure Sequence formed Using Four Cards with No Joker or Wild Card

3 4 PJ 6

Impure Sequence formed Using Four Cards with One Printed Joker

2. Set - By Set, we mean to group the cards that have the same value, but at the same time, is of different suits. It’s important to note that while forming Sets, you can use a Joker Card and a Wild Card.


A Set is formed Using 3 A’s of Different Suits

5 PJ 5

A Set Formed Using Two 5’s of Different Suits & a Printed Joker

10 10 Q

A Set is formed Using Two 10’s of Different Suits & Q as a Wild Card Joker

Method to Sort the Cards

As soon as a set of 13 cards are dealt to each player, they have to analyze and form the best possible combinations of cards to win the game. Ultimately, the aim should be to form the right melds quickly before opponents to win the game. Now to do so, one needs to master the skills that are required to excel at the game.

Types of Sequences and Sets for a Valid Rummy Declaration

  • A Mandatory Pure Sequence of Three or More Cards (Cards of the Same Suit)

  • An Impure Sequence of Three Cards With the Joker

  • A Set of Three Cards with Joker (Not Mandatory)

  • A Set of Three Cards Without Joker (Not Mandatory)

Here’s an Example of a Valid Declaration

The above-mentioned valid declaration consists of three pure sequences and one set, using a Joker Card.

Point to Ponder

Sorting the cards right at the beginning of the game is not sufficient. It should be a continuous practice. Why? It’s only because, in the sequence of picking cards from an open/closed deck, players may fall into a confusing state. So, it’s imperative to sort the cards in each turn for making the best possible combination.

Go the Sorted Way to See Success Kissing Your Feet!

Now that you have learnt the value of sorting the cards in Online Rummy, go ahead and follow the same mantra if you have not been doing until now. Remember, there’s nothing that you can’t achieve in rummy. It’s just that you should be familiar with the basics while trying your hands in rummy. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step forward and move to the Rummy Passion tables to practice the art of sorting, if you haven’t been doing the right way.

Passion Se Khel!

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